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Chinese In Exclusion Era In California Book Review (Book Review Sample)


the paper was to write an article reviw Journal Review - Chinese Elites in Exclusion Era in California

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Kenneth H. Marcus is the writer who does research in a number of fields including modernization, American studies, African America history, Mexican American, Pedagogy and early modern Europe while Yong Chen is a scientist interested in the ecology of fisheries and fisheries resources assessment of both commercial and recreational importance. Both authors are teachers at different universities in the United States. In the article Chinese Elites in Exclusion the authors shows the challenges that were faced by the Chinese. How the Chinese people were excluded from the development of the United States and how they fought the regulations that were set against them.
This article focuses on the Chinese people who lived in two towns in California. It explains how the Chinese ho heal men and women from China who were unable to go to hospitals because of either distance or cost. The article also compares the people who lived in Los Angeles with their counterparts who lived in San Francisca in California which hosted the highest number of the Chinese people who lived there. “This article considers two types of elites who continued to work in California during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: herbal doctors and missionaries” The article goes ahead to show how they were hated in the US until they decided to pass the Exclusion Act which restricted immigration into the United States.
According to the author, the exclusion was part of the United States policy on immigration as it is indicated by the Chinese documentaries and it is overlooked by the Historians who may be relying on the documents that are written.t the author says that ‘The Exclusion Act of 1882, the first legislation in U.S. history to bar the entry of a group on the basis of race, demonstrated a class bias by exempting certain elite groups; such exemptions can also be found in later immigration legislation such as the 1917 Immigration Act”
I can say that the work done by the two authors Kenneth H. Marcus and Yong Chen did a wonderful work. This because they do the analysis of everything that happened to the Chinese in California in those days. They explain how herbalists and missionaries who used their professionalism to succeed. The authors show how the society is affected by racism and how recognition is given to professionals. However, the author does not give any suggestion concerning how further research can be conducted about Chinese elites exclusion as this could make the work to look even better.
The audience of this article should be Chinese people. It will help them understand where their history as the Chinese in the United States of America started and compare it with where they are currently. It can assist the asses the progress that has been made and also learn lessons on what to do to the immigrants to their country in the future. We can see how they were hardworking “Chinese elites in California had greater abilities and opportunities than the common laborer to cross racial, geographic, and even gender boundaries at a time when segregation, discrimination, and race hatred remained the norm in relations between Asians and European Americans.”
This article guides towards understanding the US history. It analyses where the life of Chinese in the country started in California. It had a big impact because of the acts that were meant to restrict the Chinese people from getting into the country and the extensive documentation of photographic in the identification of the Chinese immigrants in order to control them. It also explains the development of the United States immigration p...
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