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Fair Dealer and Cold Warrior by William E. Pemberton (Book Review Sample)


Writing a book review Harry S. Truman: Fair Dealer and Cold Warrior by William E. Pemberton

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Harry S. Truman: Fair Dealer and Cold Warrior by William E. Pemberton
Harry S. Truman assumed power after acting as the Vice President of America under Franklin Delano Roosevelt for only 82 days. Following Roosevelt’s death, Truman became the President of the United States in 1945 and left office in 1953. Born on 8th May 1884, Trauma became to be known as an advocate of Roosevelt’s fare deals in America. He is also widely recognized for dropping an atomic bomb on Japan, leading to the end of the World War II. Truman died in 1972 in his home while undergoing treatment. Due to his significant policies, author William B. Pemberton devoted much of his efforts to research on the life and leadership styles of Harry S. Truman while holding the office of the president. In his book Harry S. Truman: Fair Dealer and Cold Warrior, Pemberton writes a revisionist biography of the 33rd commander-in-chief of the United States. Through his extensive archival research, Pemberton demonstrates that Truman employed his aggressive policies bearing in mind that the Soviet Union acted moderately.
Biographical Information on the Author
In the contemporary world, William E. Pemberton is an American historian and educator. Born on 26th March 1940 in Oklahoma, Pemberton attained his Bachelor degree in 1963 from the University of Oklahoma. In 1965, he achieved his Master of Arts from the University of Missouri and received his Doctor of Philosophy in 1974 from the University of Missouri. Pemberton served as an assistant professor of history at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, from 1966 to 1969. He became an associate professor in 1970 to 1973 and then a full professor in 1974 ( He is a member of the American History Association and the American Historians. It is fundamental to note that apart from his book Harry S. Truman: Fair Dealer and Cold Warrior, Pemberton has written other history works, such as Exit with Honor: The Life and Presidency of Ronald Reagan and Bureaucratic Politics: Executive Reorganization During the Truman Administration.
Review of the Book
It is fundamental to note that the Fair Deal was a set of proposals that Truman, while the President of the United States, put forward by Congress. President Truman’s aim was to continue the New Deal liberalism. However, most of these proposals were rejected, and a few were passed into law by the Conservative Coalition that controlled Congress. The Fair Deal legislations that were proposed by Truman included tax reduction for low-income earners, increase in minimum wages, and aid to education, the expansion of national health insurance and the social security coverage, and improved public housing among others. Despite Truman receiving significant opposition from congressional Republicans, his aggressive leadership approach succeeded in securing some victories regarding his legislative agenda (Pemberton 72). Some of these important proposals that became law included improvements in the social security systems and a raise in the minimum wages.
In the book Harry S. Truman: Fair Dealer and Cold Warrior, Pemberton walks the reader through the early life of Truman. Besides, the author explores Truman’s political history before becoming the Vice President the subsequent President of the United States. Through his archival research, Pemberton traces the life and political career of Truman, a Missouri Statesman until his death. Much of the book focuses on Truman’s political ideologies while serving as the President of the United States. For instance, Pemberton argues that Truman had a vision of enhancing a fair deal between the government and its people. As a result, he was desperate to have his proposals accepted and passed as the law by Congress. However, Truman’s proposals received strenuous objections and criticism from Congress that was controlled by conservatives. Consequently, Pemberton used the term “Cold Warrior” to refer to the kind of objections that Truman’s proposals received, and his aggressive strategies that proved critical to his success (Pemberton 102). Before moving out of office in 1953, President Truman had emerged victorious in some of his Fair Deal proposals.
It is fundamental to note that Pemberton’s book is essential in providing insightful thoughts regarding Truman’s leadership after assuming power. Apart from analyzing his political career before the presidency, Pemberton offers a brief biography of Truman after moving out of office. In addition, the author incorporates important historical events that occurred during Truman’s reign. For instance, in the first month after assuming the presidential power, Truman dropped an atomic bomb on Japan, thus, ending the World War II. On the other hand, the Great Depression had produced significant economic impacts on the citizens of America. Hence, Truman’s proposals were aimed at enhancing economic growth and the social wellbeing of individuals. However, Truman encountered opposition from the conservative Republicans who wanted the roles of the federal government to be reduced. Therefore, apart from developing an understanding of the life and political career of Harry S. Truman, Pemberton’s book is essential in giving insightful thoughts concerning the political systems of the mid-19th century.
Professional Review of the Book
Robert James Maddox reviewed Pemberton’s book in 1990 and provided a critical analysis regarding strengths and weaknesses of the work. As a significant person in Pennsylvania State University, Maddox acknowledges that Pemberton played a major role in enhancing the understanding of Truman’s domestic as well as international political powers...
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