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A Book Review About Of 'Persepolis' By Marjane Satrapi: Class Conflict (Book Review Sample)


The paper is a book review about of 'Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi'. The instructions demanded a careful analysis and review of the book's main themes.


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Persepolis is a graphical novel published by Marjane Satrapi in 2003. The writer is Iranian-born, and she uses the graphical novel to communicate important messages. The book utilizes both words and pictures to tell Marjane's story. Her life in Tehran between ages six and 14 years old and the novel, therefore, illustrates from Satrapi's viewpoint how Iranian politics caused suppression and tribulation of Iranian people and how it disrupted their lives. The novel is based on drawings or figures colored black and white, and they are very engaging. The principal characters are Marjane, Mr. and Mrs. Satrapi, Siamak and Mosen who were heroes, Mehri who was Marjane's maid, and Anoosh who was her uncle. The novel explores class conflict, the tension between the present and the past, fundamentalism versus modernity, abandonment of faith and the relationship between children and their parents. It also shows the kinds of injustices and oppressions Iranians faced at the time.
Marjane Satrapi grew up in Iran as the living conditions started worsening. Women's rights were not obeyed, students were separated based on gender, and family members also got executed when it was suspected that they were spies. It was not easy to survive, but Marjane even moved to Vienna where she got exposed to parties, drugs, and sex. She later travelled back to Iran but managed to go back to Europe. The characters in the book are incredibly realistic and dynamic. Shah got overthrown, and the Marjane was now forced to wear a veil. She even met Mohsen and Siamak who were friends with her parents and had been released from prison. Marjane loved uncle Anoosh who had earlier been imprisoned, and he gave her bread swan. Anoosh, however, told Marjane that his divorce was more painful than his torture and therefore his character showed that family and love are important than social and political ideals.
In the novel, Marjane felt that the Persian empires past was glorious and significant while the modern was violent and with many problems. She had earlier asked her parents that “she loved the king because he was chosen by God”. She felt she was a symbol of tolerance and love and therefore defended the Iraq-Iran war thinking its cause was the 1400 years conflict between the Arabs and the Persians. She, therefore, denounced their present conditions but still loved the past which shows tension.
The author uses Bildungsroman, a literary genre which explains how the main character reaches self-actualization by undergoing very intense moral growth. She began Persepolis when she was a young girl, but in the end, she became independent from her parents and even smoked cigarette. Marjane and her friends sneaked off to go to “Kansas”

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