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Symbolism in Cathedral by Raymond Carver (Book Review Sample)

the student expected me to write a SUMMARY of Symbolism in Cathedral by Raymond Carver source..
Students Name Institution Affiliate Class Code Year Symbolism in Cathedral by Raymond Carver In the story “Cathedral,” written by Raymond Carver, the author talks of how a close outside relationship is able to threaten a marriage by creating feelings of privacy invasion, aggravation of communication barrier alongside provoking insecurities. The story begins with the narrator explaining the insecurities he has towards his wife’s friendship with a ‘blind man’ called Robert. After dinner, the narrator gets to know Robert where they share a spiritual experience (this happens when the wife is fast asleep on the couch), we also see that the narrator is under the influence of marijuana. The narrator later comes to learn of his wife’s corresponding through a cassette tape with Robert (a former employer of hers). The story ends with the narrator drawing a cathedral with his eyes closed upon the request of Robert, the process which becomes the peak of the story as seen when the writer uses strong symbolism describing the working of the drawings that the narrator has created. Nevertheless, the ‘cathedral’ is linked to the illustration of the ‘blind man’ (Robert) as a teacher and a preacher. The symbolism of ‘Cathedral’ in the story makes one be optimistic and have faith in the future. Another symbolism seen from the story is ‘audiotapes’, this is seen to represent an empathy and understanding that is seen to have nothing to do with the sight. We further see that the narrator believes that the wife of Robert, must have suffered being Robert couldn’t see her. Also when he hears about the tape, he says that all that to him is like “harmless chitchat,” this he says without realizing that this kind of bosom communication is all his own matrimonial home lacks. On the other hand, the symbols can also be interpreted in several ways, for instance, the symbol ‘cathedral’ can also represent a true insight, the ability for one to see past the superficial of the true meaning that lies inside. Before he draws the cathedral, the narrator's world is seen not to be complicated for he believes that he can see while Robert on the other hand he believed cannot see. He only realizes he cannot describe the cathedral (shown on TV) when asked to do so with his eyes closed. As an excuse, the narrator says he cannot find the right words being he doesn’t believe in anything and that the cathedral means nothing to him. The narrator is not in...
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