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True Grit Is A Novel Based Movie Released In 2010 (Book Review Sample)



True Grit
‘True Grit’ is a novel based movie released in 2010 based on the works of Charles Portis. The work is written as a narration in the first person where the protagonist is a female named Mattie Ross aged 14. Mattie’s father, Frank, is killed by Tom Chaney and she embarks immediately on a revenge mission for her dad upon learning about his murder. Mattie’s family had employed Tom but he turns out to be lazy, punter, unreliable and a murderer too. Mattie lives her home in Arkansas on her vengeful mission.
Mattie looks for the best federal marshal and lands on Rooster Cogburn. Chaney escaped after shooting Frank and therefore it becomes an investigation. As both Rooster and Mattie close in on Chaney, they encounter another affiliated soldier, LaBoeuf, who is also hunting Chaney for some serious delinquencies. Both La Boeuf and Rooster are pursuing Chaney with their motivation being extrinsically from money, unlike Mattie who is avenging her father’s murder. There are interesting themes in the film such as violence, ethics, and gender discrepancy among others. In this poster, I will discuss on the subject of gender discrepancy from the film with varied quotes and reference to certain scenes in the film that show the disparity in gender issues.
1 Setting and location.
Type 1 setting.
The film has both indoor and outdoor position settings. Some of the activities are done in a particular geographical set-up such as the family home ground. Fort Smith, for instance, is one of the places where they ask the inhabitants concerning the whereabouts of Chaney. Other places where the film is cast includes the commercial town of Dardanelle and the forest where the film reaches the climax with the shoot-out between Rooster and LaBoeuf, and the gang which Chaney joins. The mode of transport mainly is by the use of horseback, horse-carriage, and trains.
Type 2 setting.
This takes place in India where Mattie together with both Cogburn and LaBoeuf pursue Chaney. Tom has joined a gang of infidels which is led by Pepper who are consequently planning to raid a train. After a misfire from LaBoeuf, the gang escapes to a rocky mountain where Chaney and Mattie meet. The encounter ends up with Mattie bitten by snakes and consequently amputated while both Chaney and the gang die. It is significant to note that Chaney almost kills Mattie thanks to the soldiers who come to her rescue. Though Chaney is shot by Mattie, he still has enough power to harm Mattie which displays male prowess.Costume and make-up
Men in the film appear often dressed in white chemises, black suits, and a hat to complete the costume. Women significantly differ by wearing oversize dresses and curly hair covering all their heads. While men’s apparel is the same despite the social classes, women serving as maid have their own attire. This implies that men are not classified by their social status while women are highly regarded in accordance with their status quo.
The main cosmetics and constitutes applied to alter and enhance the appearance are blood and sweat. Firstly, Mattie makes a man appear sweaty by covering the chimney. Furthermore, sweat is seen when the trio is traveling in pursuit of Tom. Blood is also seen for example where blood oozes over Cogney as a nearby man cuts his finger. Blood covers their apparel. Notably, both sweat and blood are seen on the males face and apparel consecutively while little appears on the female, Mattie. Blood and sweat indicate hard work which implies that mean are stronger hence the blood or sweat. Due to the hard work, men are generally dirty in the film as compared to the women.
Tone variation.
All through, different characters using varied tones to communicate their feelings and views. Mattie uses a serious tone which depicts her assertiveness and also self-confidence. Her serious tone also indicates the urgency of the mission. Cogburn, on the other hand, uses a higher pitch which reminds us he is a marshal. Cogburn also speaks slowly though his words are slurred which indicates he is a drunk. These two characters are varied in the way they talk which also has a differing implication. Mattie speaks seriously so as to be recognized and also may be to overshadow her fear and suffering due to her father’s death. The Marshal ishowever carefree and his loud voice hint his authoritative personality.
Facial Expressions.
Ned Pepper has a fearsome face which makes him look aggressive, fearsome and unfriendly. His stained and kinked teeth and his slovenly beard make him a worrisome character, fir for his gang position. In contrast, Mattie has a relatively appealing face though she also rarely makes faces. She maintains a serious face which has well concealed her emotions though she appears to be sad when LaBoeuf finally leaves.
Acting skills
Mattie Ross parades naturalistic acting where she imitates a real-life situation of a bereaved girl who is settled on avenging the death of her father. Cogburn parades stylistic acting in an over exaggerates his movements. He seems to speak with an aura of self-awareness using words cautiously. LaBoeuf empl...
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