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Biological & Biomedical Sciences
Case Study
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Collaboration Strategies: Sangamo Therapeutics and Gene Editing (Case Study Sample)


Read “Ending HIV? Sangamo Therapeutics and Gene Editing” in Chapter 8 (page 153). Write a paper with four (4) pages APA 7th formatted pages to provide written paragraphs by answering the followings questions. Please provide eight (8) peer-reviewed resources in support of your arguments:
1. What were the pros and cons of Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc. (Sangamo) pursuing its gene-editing programs alone versus working with a partner?
2. What legal protections needed to be considered?
3. Does the HIV program offer any special opportunities or challenges?
4. What do you believe Sangamo should do regarding the HIV program? Should it license the technology to a large pharmaceutical company? Should it form a joint venture with another biotech or pharma company? If so, who?
-> Reference with annotations:
After the essay, use 1-2 pages to write three sentences for each peer-reviewed reference used in the report.
Such as:
Ref 1: Ageed, Z. S., Zeebaree, S. R., Sadeeq, M. M., Kak, S. F., Yahia, H. S., Mahmood, M. R., & Ibrahim, I. M. (2021). A comprehensive survey of Big Data mining approaches in cloud systems. Qubahan Academic Journal, 1(2), 29-38.
1) What the article is about:
2) The article’s purpose:
3) How I will use it:


Collaboration Strategies: Sangamo Therapeutics and Gene Editing
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The provided case explores Sangamo Biosciences founded by Edward Lanphier to develop a novel bioscience technique for gene editing as a potential treatment for gene and non-gene related diseases. The Zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs) technology provided the potential to heal various diseases such as hemophilia, Huntington’s disease, sickle cell anemia and HIV. However, the company is yet to make any income from a sale of its products with the source of funding being from donations and grants from research organizations. This way, the company is limited in its capacity to develop and carry out clinical trials for its novel treatments. This necessitates the consideration for partnerships and funding from more established biotechnology companies to partner in the development of its technology and treatment. Ideally, this provides both advantages and disadvantages that the company must consider.

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