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The overcrowded clinic Biological & Biomedical Sciences Case Study (Case Study Sample)


this was a case study concerning the Barrio Lopez clinic


The Overcrowded Clinic
Institution Affiliation
Key Quality Characteristics
The case study is centered on the Barrio Lopez Health Center whose mission is to improve the health of women by providing access to high-quality reproductive care. The two key quality characteristics are overcrowding and short service hours as well as cumbersome paperwork (The Electronic Hallway, 2001). The issue of overcrowding at the Barrio Lopez clinic is distressing. From the case study, a large number of patients arrive early to ensure they get timely treatment but this doesn’t work, there are too many women who have already arrived. One of the patients visited the clinic the third time and still, she was told she had to go and come back to get the medicine. Some of the patients are even turned away from the clinic because they are too many, but still, they arrive in large number the next day. The issue of overcrowding is stemming from inadequate medical personnel, the inefficient flow of work, and resistance to change.

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