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A Case Study On Business Contract According To Business Law (Case Study Sample)


a case study on business contract according to business law


Denny Contract Breach
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In the case study, Lisa notices Denny and the situation that he is in and decides to buy her lunch. As they are having lunch Denny prompts to enter into a contract with her. Lisa sees Denny viable for the contract he proposes bearing in mind how condition which gives facts. One thing she does not consider, however, is making a background check on Denny to ensure that he is eligible for entering into a contract with her. This is noted when she buys into what Denny tells her about his age even though at first she is a bit skeptical about it. More to that she writes down all the promises Denny into a contract and they both sign and have it notarized by the bank. Only to see after a week has gone by Denny trashes the bike and tells Lisa that he won’t pay her violating the contract. Lisa realizes that Denny is 16 after suing him in court.
In buying or selling things, especially where minors are involved, there is a need for one to be conscious of the consequences when a contract is made. Denny did not take the contract seriously for if he had, he would not have provided false information which violated the contract. More to that, it seems that he was ignorant of the fact that it would lead to a lawsuit. Lisa also was to do a thorough background check to clear the doubts that she had concerning his age and assurance of Denny being able to meet the agreement the conditions for the contract.
In law, persons under the age of 18 are termed as minors for they have not yet attained the legal adult age (Soucie, 2017). Everyone is free to enter into a contract, including the minors, with anyone they might wish to. A party can be sued in a court of law if it violates these are violated provided the contract is valid. The Law, however, does not advocate most of the contracts with minors. This is because minors are assumed to be not in a capacity of comprehending repercussions of a contract. Thus making it a futile process to seek approval.
For a minor to render a contract void, it can either be a request to the court or by a defense to repudiate where he/ she has been sued. For Lisa, it is very unfortunate as the court would be likely to render the contract repudiate for Denny, who she initially thought as a 20-year-old, turns out to be a minor. This, however, is a dilemma for courts when it comes to deciding whether or not the minor should compensate the other party (Burton, 1980). It becomes even harder to come to a conclusion where the parents, guardians or even other adults have not been co-signed of the contract. During negotiations for contracts, youths tend to be susceptible to models for the underage. Various laws h...
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