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Consumer Choices: Motivational Factors and Decision-Making Process (Case Study Sample)


Please consider a particular product( ex. Brand of bottled water, type of lunch you plan to eat, brand of laundry detergent to use etc.) you are choosing to purchase on a somewhat regular basis or a particular service you plan to choose in the near future ( ex. Car maintenance, type of airline to use for a future trip) in your written case assignment, please adress the following components:
Explore the motivational factors that affected the consumer choices ( module 2)
Elaborate on the decision making process and factors that may affect your consumption choices (module 1, 2 and 4)
Explain why research is needed to understand people make choices of what they consume ( module 3)
Must be doubled spaced with1 inch margin and typed 12 point Times New Roman
Essay should have a title page and a reference page


Consumer influence
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Consumer influence
Before a customer makes a final decision to purchase a product or not, it takes various factors (internal and external factors) that influence consumer choice. Notably, a laptop is a product into consideration in this contest. Many organizations play a significant role in convincing and influencing consumers to purchase their products. There are various factors known as motivational factors that contribute to influencing the consumer's choice. Moreover, in the decision-making process of the consumer exists several other factors that affect their consumption choices. Therefore, research to understand consumers' behavior is needed in a company's product development.
In the decision-making process of selecting a laptop as my product, other factors affected my consumption choices. The following are the major factors that affected my consumption choices, including psychological, Social, cultural, personal, and economic factors (Gopinath, 2019). Firstly, human psychology is the primary determinant of a person's consumption choice. These four basic psychological factors influence consumer behavior, motivation, perception, learning, attitude, and belief. The need for social needs provided a motive to purchase the laptop. The perception of possessing a laptop affected my consumption choices. In addition, the desire to learn more through a laptop affected my considering this product. Therefore, these psychological affected effects the consumption choices.
Secondly, social factors such as family, role, status, and reference group affected my decision to consider the laptop. Every person lives around social peers who influence consumer behavior. Family plays a significant role in shaping a person's consumption choice. For example, I developed the desire to possess a laptop since children because my uncle had a laptop. Moreover, I wanted to be associated 

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