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Economic Diplomacy between UAE and China Business Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Economic Diplomacy CASE STUDY OF UAE and China


Economic Diplomacy between UAE and China
Institutional Affiliation
Economic Diplomacy between the UAE and China
Importance of diplomatic and commercial relations Between UAE and China
The strategic partnership between the UAE and China is beneficial to both nations. Abu Dhabi seeks economic dominance in the Middle East while Beijing’s vision is to become the major manufacturer and exporter of products on the planet (Jonathan, 2019). The location of the former is strategic due to its midpoint between China and the west. Additionally, it also situated close to the shipping route that connects the East to the developing nations in the south. For this reason, UAE intends to become a vital sea and land trade hub which will connect China to the rest of the world.
UAE and China are also committed to bring stability and peace in the Middle East. The former supports authoritarian, anti-democratic governments since they are more stable and easier to trade with (Fenton, 2019). Such nations can easily stop uprisings and armed rebels who hinder economic growth development. For this reason, both countries seek to stop the war in Syria and rebuilt the country since it was one of their major trading partners. Stability in war-torn countries will minimize terrorism in the Asian continent and encourage investment in the region.

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