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Knowledge Management Practice At Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) (Case Study Sample)


article analysis


Business and Management
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 The main issues discussed in the article titled “Intuitive and Rational Cognition in the Theory and Practice of Management Sciences” by Marcin Nowak, Joanna Ziomek include the following; importance of intuition, the application of intuition as a skill, the use of intuition in management theory, and intuition in management practices.
Importance of intuition
The article points out that intuition is an imperative attribute that enables individuals to understand the world of ideas. The article cites that intuition is a fundamental subject of interest in management. The article highlights the importance of intuition in making fundamental judgements. The article also cites the work of other authors in relation to essence of intuition in various fields. For example the article cites H Simon who indicated that intuition is important in decision-making processes in order to give a correct answerCITATION Now19 \l 2057 (Nowak & Ziomek, 2019). In this respect the article points out the importance of two mechanisms of critical thinking. They include analytical thinking and intuitive thinking. Therefore, intuitive thinking has been indicated as bearing fundamental in making critical decisions. For example, the importance of intuition has been highlighted in enabling decision making procedure in organizations, conferring intuitive potentiality of manager and its ability to impact on decision-making approaches to enhance organisational effectiveness.

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