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FritoLay Case Study Analysis Business & Marketing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


FritoLay Case Study Analysis. Business and marketing sample


FritoLay Case Study Analysis
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FritoLay Case Study Analysis
Market Research Methods
Over the years, the world has experienced drastic changes in the realm of information technology. As such, sifting through the different notions and noises to mine, the most pertinent insights on a given market could be challenging. That is where market research comes into play. In our case study, FritoLay collected information from its target customers buy utilizing research methods such as surveys, social media listening, as well as Field experiments and trials.
In this research technique, survey questions are given to target respondents through various approaches such as online forms, physical forms, or over the phone CITATION Vic18 \l 1033 (Wang, 2018). FritoLay used this method in their "Do Us a Favor; contest in the year 2015. In this survey, the firm asked their fans to submit suggestions on their most favorite flavor of the new potato chips. The research was used a year after, where the fans were requested to vote for the preferred combination of flavors.

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