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Industrial Relations Business & Marketing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


research an issue related to industrial and come up with recommendations on how to manage that issue/problem. This sample is the version submitted


Unions- Industrial Relations
Institutional Affiliation
Industrial relations constitute the relationship between an employer, employees and the government or labor unions. The concept forms center stage in business performance by determining the productivity function of the business’s employees. Still, the concept is subject to influence by management factors like Leadership. This paper observes the influence of leadership in challenges facing businesses. For instance, Walmart has been a subject of prolonged labor wars with unions and individuals following accusations of exploiting the workforce. The difficulties are linked to poor leadership affecting the quality of industrial relations with its workforce. This paper establishes that that Walmart pay its workers significantly low wages for extensive work done, in addition to denial of medical benefits and provision of poor working conditions. the stores management is also relentless in their stand against unionization of its workers, leaving them at the mercy of the employer’s practices. Also, employees are hired at part time basis, denying them privileges of fulltime employment including job security and better pay. the stores abuse of its labor force has resulted in extensive campaigns against the company aimed at publicly shaming the company. The negative publicity affects the function of the human resource department by engaging them in counter campaigns aimed at cleaning the organizations name. Also, reports on abuse reduce the willingness of future employees to work for Walmart, threatening sustainability. As such, this paper proposes sustainable management practices like adoption of self-serving machines to reduce labor costs fro the business, allowing it to improve the worker satisfaction rates.

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