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Marketing Analysis: Baskin Robbins (Case Study Sample)


MRK 1103 Marketing
Coursework: Report (40%)
Due Date: Week 14 (second class)
Length of report: 1800-2000 words
Weight: 30%
Written Report (20%) and Oral Defense (10%)
Market research survey questionnaire to be included
Task: Overview
1. Group project on marketing opportunities for a brand of consumer products/services (this
can be any type of product that can be displayed in a show at the end of the semester).
2. You will choose/be assigned a brand of consumer products.
3. Each group must have a different brand. Research the brand, the organisation that markets
the brand, the marketing environment, the market and the market segments in the UAE.
4. Then infer the marketing opportunities (including targeted segments) available for the brand
from the market information.
This is an external work which must follow APA Formatting guidelines. This project will cover
CLOs 1, 2, 3, and 4. You will submit a written report consisting of 1800 to 2000 words on
( 2021) and the actual set up and presentation of the idea of the new product on a
scheduled day ( 2021). The market research survey questionnaire(s) should be submitted
as appendix to the report.
Following the report submission, individually you will orally defend your marketing analysis
and plan at a set date and answer specific questions on your assignment.
Guidelines for Market Research
Secondary Data Research
 To research about the brand, the product, the marketing environment, the market and the
market segments in the UAE from information that is publicly available.
 Use credible sources of information and, where possible, use the databases available on the
HCT library website.
Part A – Existing business
Write the purpose of the report and what the report will achieve.
Current Market Situation
1. Brief background information about the Brand
Give a description of the Brand: Things you should include are:
 where it originates from,
 when it was introduced in the UAE,
 existing product lines/items in the UAE
2. Consumer product: discuss the product you have chosen in terms of
 Description of the product: describe the core and actual product
 Associated services offered with the product (augmented product)
 One strength and one weakness of the product
Part B - Marketing Opportunities
Your team has been hired by the business above, as a marketing consultant group. You must
recommend an idea for the business to sell more products and be more successful. You can
choose ONE only from the three of the four marketing opportunity theories from the
expansion grid.
 market development, product development or diversification
Work with your instructor to come up with an idea – are you going to offer and new or
existing product? …to a new or existing market?
3. Primary Research
To research about the market and the market segments in the UAE from information that is
not publicly available.
As a consultant team you need to conduct some primary research.
Prepare a survey questionnaire to find out the target customers wants and needs and then use
the information in the report: Examples may include:
 existing market segments current needs and wants,
 potential changes to customers’ needs and wants
 potential changes to existing segments, or potential new segments,
 customer psychographics or customers’ buying behavior
Conduct the survey on a representative sample of appropriate size. (approx. 20)
4. Marketing Opportunities
From the market information, design and explain the best marketing opportunity for the
brand describing each of the existing or potential new market segments using the
product/market expansion grid
Choose from the above described marketing opportunities (you cannot choose market
Explain in writing your decision of whether to target existing market segments or
potential new market segments by offering existing product lines/items or new product
lines/items. Explain with reference to the market research.
5. Segmentation and Targeting
In this section you need to explain who you believe will be the best target market group.
The best group is identified and described using the segmentation variables. The better use of
more relevant variables will be graded higher. Variables are Behavioural, Geographic,
Psychographic and demographic.
You need to:
1. Identify the group from the opportunity above – is it a new or existing segment?
2. Create a customer profile for this type of customer. (i.e. describe the business best target
6. Application of the marketing mix:
Develop a marketing mix including for the marketing opportunity that you have identified to
grow the business based on your market research.
This part represents the application of your creative idea through real life display (which will
be at the end of the semester) of the new product along with its promotion, pricing and
distribution elements. This will require that you develop whatever material required to
demonstrate the new product (actual product, sketches, logos, new features, type of quality,
packaging, labelling, pricing, etc.)
6.1 Proposed Product
In this section of the report, you need to explain how your brand should use the "product" mix.
The way that you explain the proposed product needs to be in-line with your assigned marketing
opportunity (keep in mind that your marketing opportunity needs to be discussed at a local level,
i.e., Abu Dhabi, Dubai or UAE).
 Fully describe the product in terms of the core, actual and augmented levels.
 Product specification - convenience, shopping, specialty, unsought
 Packaging and labeling
 Services provided
Proposed Price
In this section you need to describe how the business should set a price range.
 Discuss the three general pricing strategies [value, cost and competitor] and
 the internal and external considerations affecting the pricing decision for this
 Include at least one other special pricing strategy(s) the business could use.
The way that you explain the proposed price needs to be in-line with your assigned marketing
opportunity (keep in mind that your marketing opportunity needs to be discussed at a local level,
i.e., Abu Dhabi, Dubai or UAE)
Proposed Place
Propose the most suitable distribution channel for the product. In this section of the report, you
need to explain how your brand should use "place". The way that you explain the proposed place
needs to be in-line with your assigned marketing opportunity (keep in mind that your marketing
opportunity needs to be discussed at a local level, i.e., Abu Dhabi, Dubai or UAE)
 Discuss the current and new distribution methods for the business.
 Type of distribution – intensive, selective, exclusive
 Push or Pull strategy within the distribution strategy
Proposed Promotion
Develop a thorough promotion mix covering all the elements that might be used or where it is
applicable e.g. Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Direct Marketing.
In this section of the report, you need to explain how your brand should use "promotion". The way
that you explain the proposed promotion needs to be in-line with your assigned marketing
opportunity (keep in mind that your marketing opportunity needs to be discussed at a local level, i.e.,
Abu Dhabi, Dubai or UAE)
 What is the mix of promotional elements you are using or will use?
 Describe how they will work together – (be integrated)


Marketing Analysis
Student Name
Professor Name
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc88043731 \h 3Current Market Situation PAGEREF _Toc88043732 \h 3Backgroud Information PAGEREF _Toc88043733 \h 3Consumer Product PAGEREF _Toc88043734 \h 4Marketing Opportunities PAGEREF _Toc88043735 \h 5Market Segementation and Targeting PAGEREF _Toc88043736 \h 8Application of Marketing Mix PAGEREF _Toc88043737 \h 8Proposed Product PAGEREF _Toc88043738 \h 9Proposed Price PAGEREF _Toc88043739 \h 9Proposed Place PAGEREF _Toc88043740 \h 10Proposed Promotion PAGEREF _Toc88043741 \h 10Analysis of Market Research PAGEREF _Toc88043742 \h 10Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc88043743 \h 12References PAGEREF _Toc88043744 \h 13Appendix PAGEREF _Toc88043745 \h 14
The need for delicious palatable products such as ice creams and traditional cuisines has been a vital necessity among populations across the world. In this regard, Baskin Robbins has globalized the availability of its services by facilitating the production of ice cream in various parts of the world, including in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This marketing analysis focuses on examining how consumers from diverse backgrounds perceive the Baskin Robbins ice cream brand and their general behavioral traits towards unique products in the market. The paper also explores the micro and macro environments of an organization while assessing the factors that influence its marketing strategy.
Current Market Situation
Backgroud Information
Baskin Robbins is a multi-national ice cream company owned by Inspire Brands, based in the United States. It is one of the biggest ice cream specialty store chains in the world. It first opened its doors in 1945. The well-known global ice cream brand was in California, United States of America. It was founded on the premise of being an ice-cream parlor that is family friendly. In 1949, Baskin Robbins purchased its first dairy facility in California. According to Canton (2015), the brand first opened its doors in the UAE in 1979 with Satwa, Dubai being the location of its first outlet. A sizable variety of ice cream flavors are offered at Baskin Robbins. Unique flavors are provided for each day of the month with over 1300 ice cream varieties being offered. Besides ice cream, Baskin Robbins offers other frozen delights including frozen beverages and ice cream cakes in the UAE (Canton, 2015). Among the most popular flavors offered include rocky road, strawberry and various chocolates flavors (Khicha, 2016). The customers of Baskin Robbins also enjoy special flavors based on the season.
In the Middle East, Baskin Robbins has an ambitious plan for its growth. In the United Arab Emirates alone, Baskin Robbins has outlets that exceed 150 at various locations. As Bhasin notes, the marketing intermediaries is one of the microenvironmental elements that impact Baskin Robbins. Producing organic ice-cream of improved quality is the strategy used by Baskin Robbins in retaining its customers. With the support of marketing intermediaries, Baskin Robbins distributes its goods to various types of markets. Baskin Robbins goods are distributed by a variety of resellers. The cultural and demographic aspects that make up the UAE's macro environment have a significant impact on Baskin Robbins. Familial factors age and gender are all demographic characteristics. Ice cream consumption is also influenced by culture, such as when it is consumed on important occasions, such as Diwali or Eid.
Consumer Product
Ice-cream is the selected consumer product, and the delight or happiness that is derived from ice-cream consumption may be described as the core product. Ice cream is a widely consumed and preferred product. It can play a significant role in improving a person’s mood. It is often consumed to provide cooling sensation beside its sweet taste. Another significant advantages of ice cream consumption are that it may serve as a remedy to of anxiety. Ice cream is a popular choice for parties and other special events. The main competitive advantage of Baskin Robbins is being able to offer a variety of flavors.
Baskin Robbins uses authentic harmless ingredients in making its ice-cream since the business owns several dairy farms. By offering happiness and pleasure via their goods, they provide enormous value and happiness to their customers. The company currently offers a family-friendly setting to the general public, allowing them to make their special events even more memorable. They provide a wide range of tastes and have a distinct flavor profile. Basin Robbins demonstrates its innovativeness in the ice-cream business by frequently trying out different flavors and discovering new flavors.
The key strength of Baskin Robbins brand owes to its ability to keep track and be responsive of the current trends. For instance, its customers can make online orders and have them delivered at their own comfort. New flavors are constantly being introduced in response to the trends in market demand. As Canton (2015) notes, a weakness of the Baskin Robbins brand is the expensiveness of its products relative to those of its competitors in the market. Their products are hardly affordable to regular ice-cream consumers who often resort to other suppliers to cheaply fulfill their desires. On that note, it is recommended that Basking Robbins should consider affordability while designing their products. A possible consideration is altering the sizes of its products to suit the reduced prices. The effectiveness of this mechanism can be assessed on an important occasion date such as the new year celebration. If found to be effective, the method can be permanently adopted. Ice cream aficionados will be able to enjoy Baskin Robbins on a daily basis, and everyone will be able to sample their favorite ice cream flavor.
Marketing Opportunities
Product diversification is highly recommended to Baskin Robbins to reach more consumers and become successful. Such a business strategy will enable the company diversify its ice cream products to align with the affordability and preferences of all consumers. In this sense, Baskin Robbins should offer less expensive ice cream products as a strategy of targeting new market segments. This may be offset by variations in quantities offered; for instance, the size of the ice cream cone can be reduced but the quality remains. Everyone wants to enjoy Baskin Robbins, which is a fantastic worldwide brand. There are numerous Baskin Robbins fans who wish to eat their ice cream every day. So, if they offer a product with a lower price and quantity but the same quality, more customers are likely to be attracted. In the charts below, majority of the consumers are not only women who have a high tendency of being taken to ice cream dates, but also influenced by special occasions, and level of income, which are all determined by price. Therefore, Canton (2015) argues that Baskin Robbins can boost the number of customers by cooperating with various eateries, as well as raise awareness of the lower pricing of Baskin Robbins. New products should be introduced with a variety of flavors so that ice cream enthusiasts from the middle class may enjoy them as well.
Females Consume more Ice Cream Compared to Males
Ice cream is highly Consumed during Special Occasions
Factors influencing Preferences for Baskin Robbin’s Ice Cream
Market Segementation and Targeting
Geographic segmentation and targeting for Baskin Robbins will include the UAE, the Middle East, and the Far East, which includes Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. The United
States, Europe, Australia, and Africa are all represented. Owing to its global status, Baskin Robbins can introduce new items in a variety of locations where sweet lovers congregate. In regard to their status as emerging nations with a larger middle class, introducing this new inexpensive Baskin Robbins product in India and Pakistan is likely to be rewarding.
Consumers would be segmented based on special events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, family gatherings, Diwali and Eid among others. It will assist individuals in having a comfort snack, forming new friendships or strengthening existing ones, and embracing optimism in their relationships. Children above the age of five, teens, adults aged 20 to 50, both men and women, families, and middle- and high-income workers are all included in the demographic segmentation. Baskin Robbins’ psychographic segmentation may include western-influenced lifestyles, brand-conscious individuals, rich class opulent habits, fun-loving, independent individuals who like trying different flavors, and so on (Duncan, 2016). Baskin Robbins is targeting both the old and new segments at the same time, based on these segmentation factors. This segmentation's best-targeted consumer profile may be described as a middle-to-high-income group of people, including families with toddlers among other city dwellers.
Application of Marketing Mix
Ice cream will be the final product. Strawberry, coffee, chocolate Mango and vanilla will be among the varieties available. Kulfi and Pistachio are two among the indigenous tastes. The quantity will range from 150 millilitres to 2 litres. The cost varies from 18 to 60 AED. The items will be sold at mega hypermarkets, grocery shops and retail shops in major cities. Social media will be used to promote the event, as well as collaboration with other eateries. Baskin-Robbins may brand its new product with a variety of slogans and taglines, such as “New unique taste for everyone on a daily basis.” To the clients, thi...

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