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Four-Year Marketing Plan Sunshine Sports Wear (Case Study Sample)


You will develop a marketing plan for a new sportproduct. The plan should establish an original and creative product such as; an apparel item, fan item, equipment, general merchandise item, mobile application, stadium/ arena good, concession, service, etc.


Four-Year Marketing Plan Sunshine Sports Wear
Students Name
SPTE 760
Summer 2020
Table of Content
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Four-Year Marketing Plan Sunshine Sports Wear PAGEREF _Toc74814982 \h 1Table of Content PAGEREF _Toc74814983 \h 2Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc74814984 \h 3Marketing Goals & Objectives PAGEREF _Toc74814985 \h 3Product PAGEREF _Toc74814986 \h 4Product Description PAGEREF _Toc74814987 \h 5Price PAGEREF _Toc74814988 \h 5Place and Promotion PAGEREF _Toc74814989 \h 6Public relations PAGEREF _Toc74814990 \h 6References PAGEREF _Toc74814991 \h 7
Executive Summary
Its three founders have designed the four-year marketing plan for Sunshine Sports Wear to enhance securing of additional funding that can be used for growth, as well as to provide information to its employees about the current situation and status of the company in terms of its financial stats and developmental level (Willian, 2017). Even though the company is still young, having been launched only two years ago, the company has experienced increased demand for its sportswear product, the dream suit. Research has indicated that more and more sports-minded consumers have developed a need for this product to spice up their sporting activities. This is exciting for the company and intimidating in the aspect that the consumer demand is higher than what the company can produce now. In this case, Sunshine Sports Wear Company is interested in extending the dream suit product line and renovation of the product best to fit these circumstances (Jason, 2014). In addition, there are intentions to expand the sales to the online platform and explore more opportunities. So far, the marketing strategies for the dream suit product have been effective, with the company designing the dream suit to fit the mindsets of outdoor sports-minded consumers. This means that Sunshine Sports Wear Company can increase its distribution over the next period of four years and win even more customers with even more innovative marketing strategies.
Marketing Goals & Objectives
Sunshine Sports Wear Company’s mission is to secure the number one position to produce dream suits that best fit outdoor sporting activities (Yellow &Frees, 2012). The company wishes to inspire its consumers to engage in outdoor sporting activities and enjoy life more by building a healthy body, socializing with friends and family and enjoying the fashionable sporting dream suits making them feel comfortable and confident (Maffib, 2011). In addition, Sunshine strives to design the suits to be as environmentally friendly as possible, this means the suits protect the consumers from dangers such as sunburns during sporting activities. Over the next period of four years, Sunshine wishes to achieve the following goals;
* Secure funds to extend the distribution limits, manufacturing strength as well as product renovation.
* Achieve a 50% increase in revenues a year
* Donate at least $20,000 a year to environment conservation companies.
* Introduce a lightweight product; dream suits lighter
* Dive into newer geographic markets
* Develop the product’s marketing website.
Product Description
The Sunshine dream suits reflect the company's passion for sporting activities and the outdoors in general. These dream suits manufactured from cotton, with a match of silk, are soft and designed to make the consumer feel comfortable and confident to engage in a variety of sporting activities such as bicycling, mountain climbing, boat riding, running, and football activities. Engaging in these activities by the consumer in the company's dream suit allows the consumer to feel and experience the company's slogan; 'Sports are fun.' In addition, sunshine manufactures dream suits that are unisex when it comes to gender, allowing the consumers to fit in then regardless of being a woman or man, with the company availing different colors for the customers to choose according to their liking or event (Wedden & Joyce, 2013). These colors include; mountaintop white, ocean blue, sky blue, desert rose, and twilight purple. Sunshine Sports Wear Company dream suits are currently available in small retail stores specializing in sporting gears for outdoor activities. These stores are majorly in California, New York, Texas, and Seattle (Zed, 2018). These beautiful colors and displays in the dream suits have instilled plenty of interest in the consumers in America and internationally. These have made sales double in a year. This has alerted Sunshine Sports Wear Company of a need to expand and grow the market by extending its manufacturing capabilities to fit the increasing demand of the dream suits by consumers.
Sunshine dream suits products are priced accordingly, based on the current level of competition. The company is not interested in overcharging the product for luxury, neither does it intend to sell large quantities of its creation to change low price ratings. Instead, the company uses value pricing methods to allow a reasonable price that is agreeable and comfortable with the consumer. This will enable the consumer to purchase the product based on its quality and not the price (Morris, 2018). This pricing also puts the Sunshine product on the map when it comes to birthday presents. The customized dream suits product will cost $3 more than the regular Sunshine logo dream suits. The dreams suits are priced to counter the competition existing in the market.
Place and Promotion
Sunshine Sports Wear Company provides information to its cons

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