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Netflix Corporation Business & Marketing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


The company's organizational structure


Netflix Organizational Analysis
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More than any other things, a firm's values determine how its culture is shaped. Values supply a guide that sustains the organization's behaviour and overall performance (Burroughs, 2019). Netflix’s core values circulate the culture of 'people over process'. The values drive the firm’s mission of providing the best services to customers, working with integrity and transparency, and pursuing excellent reviews. The high designation of the company's fundamental values is the first approach for Netflix to widen and reinforce the customer base as part of the noncurrent revenue scheme. The company's profits have proven time and time again that they are valid through the significant effects they contribute to the company’s growth and development. In more ways than one, the essence of the Netflix organization way of running is honesty. The company has small, performance-driven groups with a high sense of accountability and openness. The management has the responsibility of communicating regularly with the other team members to ensure their performance is top-notch. The staff are also encouraged to provide frequent feedback and suggestions on how the company can improve in different sectors. The company's values are one of the many reasons why Netflix can uphold such a prestigious image and brand in the entertainment industry, as shown by the numerous reviews on the internet and other website platforms. Its efforts in the entertainment industry and the many awards it has garnered over the years depicts how 'people over process' is an essential part of Netflix Inc. Some of the fundamental cultural values are as follows. Number one is judgment. As part of the values, Netflix places more concentration on the decision-making methodologies in the firm. The management is encouraged to make wise and long-lasting decisions, even in the most vulnerable situations. The focus is more on identifying the root of the problem rather than hurrying up to solve it. The other core values include passion, selflessness, and effective communication.

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