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Compensation and Benefits. Business & Marketing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


the task required an analysis on the best way to provide compensation and benefits for employees in Java-corp company.


Compensation and Benefits
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Compensation and Benefits
Option 1
You are the new HR manager for Java Corp., a domestic cold coffee and tea company. Java Corp. is opening a new office in London, England. You are planning on filling one executive-level position with a U.S. citizen who is not already employed by Java Corp. The term of the initial assignment is two years.
Java Corp is small company which mainly offers domestic cold coffee and tea. While planning to open a new office in London, there is a plan to fill one of executive positions with a U.S. citizen. It is important to consider how much the new expatriate will be and the overall compensation and benefits plan. There are many factors that can affect compensation plans for expatriates. These may include work type and length, location, family requirements (if any, and benefits (SHRM, 2017). This paper therefore, focuses on designing a compensation package for the new expatriate position.

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