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Walmart Case Study Business & Marketing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Briefly describe the company in the case analysis. What is their primary business, who were
the officers or key players? If the case study company is currently in business, list the
company’s current CEO, total sales, and profit or loss for the last year where data is
available. Identify key events or phases in the company’s history. Describe the performance
of this company in the industry. Visit the company’s website and use and/or some other financial search engine to find this data. (15
Analyze the competitive environment by listing the threat of new entrants, the bargaining
power of buyers, the bargaining power of suppliers, the threat of substitute products and
services, and the intensity of rivalry among competitors in the industry. Summarize your
key points in a figure.
How does this company create and sustain a competitive advantage? What strategy from
the readings was undertaken by this company? Were they successful? Can all companies
use this strategy? How is the strategy affected by the life cycle in the industry? Remember
to reference Porter’s generic strategies, THIS IS CRITICAL.
Specific STRATEGY(S)
Choose six specific strategies from this list.
Ensuring Coherence in Strategic Direction
Value Chain Analysis
Resource View of Firm
Industry Life Cycle Strategies
Turnaround Strategies
Vertical Integration
Portfolio Management and the BCG Matrix
Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures
Achieving Competitive Advantage
Entry Model
Entrepreneurial Strategy
External Governance Control
Linking Strategic Rewards
Creating Ambidextrous Organization Designs
Apply them in detail to the organization. Be sure to think strategically and show the results
clearly. Use the strategy as a sub-header for each section so it is clear what is being


Wal-Mart Case Analysis
Wal-Mart Case Analysis
Background and History
Sam Walton started Wal-Mart in 1962 in Rogers, Ark. The multinational retail company is based in America, which operates large chains of warehouse and departmental stores. The core business of Wal-Mart is changing their customer’s lives and assisting neighborhoods and clients live an improved life as well as save money (Walmart Stores Inc., 2017). Various products are offered including household, family merchandises, beauty products, pharmacy services, jewelry, and electronics among others. Moreover, the firm runs a digital photo-processing unit. In 1969, the firm was incorporated as Walmart Stores Inc. and started trading in the stock market of New York City in 1972 (Walmart Stores Inc., 2017). With the persistent rapid development, by the end of the 70’s, the company had 276 stores in eleven states. The original Sam's Club started in the 80s serving individuals and small enterprises. In the same year, the company opened the first Supercenter uniting a supermarket with wide-ranging merchandise. The firm developed from a regional to nationwide giant in the late 80s and early 90s turning into the leading retailer in the nation (Walmart Stores Inc., 2017). In 2000s, the firm focusses on providing its clients both on mobile, online and in its in-stores. Presently, the firm has developed to become one of the largest and arguably the most emulated sellers in the world.

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