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Relationship-building strategy marketing (Case Study Sample)


Based on the attached scenarios discuss as per the instructions on each category.
This assignment is to be done individually and submitted before the due date
NO deadline will be given to students who fail to submit their assignment past monday 11:59
Give the best to the questions and if you find difficulties in answering the assignment please email the professor for clarity


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Week 7 and 8 Assignment
Potentially invisible plans that have been effectively shared with customers through an external market plan are relationship-building strategy and market research. Relationship-building strategy marketing has helped greatly as the main aim is to improve long-term financial performance. The organization works toward the fact that profitability is realized by exploiting the relationship built by the company to the customers. Market research has created a competitive advantage for the organization because it tells its customers what materials they are bringing to the market next together with their specifications. The customers can react to the idea where the company will use this information to make the good more worth that many of the customers will like during the time of launching. If possible, the company would have already established a ready market at the time of launching.
Yes, I agree with this approach because any project requires a different procedure to follow, and so it is right to select the right candidate for the task. One advantage of this approach is that it gives an overview of the required responsibilities from a preferred candidate. One disadvantage to this approach is that it may lead to biasness because the hiring manager may select an individual based on the past work relationship and, as per the individual's job description, forget that this is a new project that needs new deliverables. The individual may not be able to give his best, leading to the reduction of productivity and an ultimate effect on profitability. As a marketing manager, I will deal with an employee who seemed slow when discussing a new project in the following way. The first thing first is to monitor his attitude. Perhaps what interests me will not seem important to him; therefore, there is a need o act without anger and frustration as this can escalate to more problems. One way is to motivate the employee to work at their own pace. For instance, if a certain wok needs to take a day, give the co-worker two days but avoid taking their lead as it will affect the whole operati

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