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How To Deal With Ethical Dilemma Present In The Case As A Teacher (Case Study Sample)


address how to deal with ethical dilemma present in the case as a teacher.


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Ethics in Teaching Practice
A Personal and Scholarly Statement of Ethical Framework and Principles,
Ethical theories are significant in that they guide a teacher’s practice and give a frame and guideline for use during decision making especially when working in a dilemma. With a pool of theories in ethics to choose from, I have developed a personal set of ethics in my teaching career.
As a teacher I am not choosy or dismissing of some theories. However, I am inclined to working with some theories more compared to others. To begin with, my practice is largely guided by the principle of justice. Derived from ethics of justice, the theory embraces that every person deserves to be treated with fairness and given access to the best quality of services I can provide in my professional capacity (Shapira-Lishchinsky, 2011). Coupled with the ethics of respect as well as ethics of rights, I always strive to ensure that students under my watch are treated with respect and their rights are granted. In a personal perspective, I always ensure that I do my best to make the world a better place as proposed by utilitarianism.
Virtue ethics have been helpful in instances when am in ethical dilemmas. Often my set of ethics clash with the administration’s and sometimes parent’s modalities of decision making. In some cases, for instance when a child is given detention as a result of behavioral misconduct in class, I use the principles in virtue ethics to assess the benefits and the cost to be i...
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