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Ethics Case Study Assignment: Professional Code of Ethics (Case Study Sample)


Description:In reference to the case study presented in Prob. 11.10, discuss what you should do. Inparticular, apply the ethical decision making paradigm presented in Section 11.5 (i.e., 4steps in p. 226) to analyze the situation, present potential solutions to the scenario, andprovide a discussion of them. As part of your discussion, clearly identify the elements ofthe IEEE Code of Ethics that apply to the situation.


Case Study
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Professional code of ethics are designed for the purpose of maintaining good relations between the products and service providers and the customers. In general the code of ethics acts as a regulation for the professionals in relation to other people within their working environment.
In the case provided, it is clear that the manager of the company asked the newly graduated employee to create a software that could be used by the company in their operations. However, it is found that the company did not only utilize this software within the company in the United States. Instead, the software was sent to other organizations oversees. According to the professional code of ethics, it is clear that the manager went against the agreements of the contract by distributing the software to other organizations out of the United States.
In order to solve this case, it would be important to collect relevant information about the distribution of the software. First off, there is enough information that shows that the software was distributed to other organizations oversees. This information would help in drawing useful conclusions about the case presented.
The second step into solving the case at hand would be to identify the main stakeholders that would be affected by the decision made. In regards to this case, it is clear that the designer of the software, the company and the reputation of the manager and the organizations oversees would be jeopardized.
It is impor...
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