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Case Study: Border Transportation Firm (Case Study Sample)


New Mexico-based Border Transportation delivers medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics in the Southwest and Mexico. Border Transportation is based in Las Cruces. the paper states the steps taken to instill a culture of safety in this warehouse. also, it develops a elness program, biggest challenge in increasing safety and how to deal witth employees


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Border Transportation Firm Case Study
Instill a Culture of Safety
The warehouse's continual expansion presents several concerns, particularly in regards to safety and maintenance. Even though there are many possible approaches to dealing with the same problems, the following are a few that are both practical and doable. Technically, to begin with, short-term planning alone will not be sufficient to resolve the issue of safety and the high number of accidents. Safety guidelines should be provided to employees at all times by a reputable business. It makes sense to provide training and instruction on how to handle equipment properly. In addition, the business may still be utilizing outdated technology and methods. People's lives will be made simpler if a firm adopts improved methodologies and cutting-edge technologies. During the weekend and the beginning of the week, employees are not present. As a result, the firm can discuss how to make reasonable regulations with the workforce. Also, they need to allow only legitimate reasons for taking leave and refuse requests made more than three days ago.
When dealing with Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), job rotation and workplace change might help alleviate fatigue and the resulting symptoms of CTD. A good option is to organize workloads so that no employee spends too much time doing the same thing repeatedly. The best approach is not to get rid of HIV/AIDS patients, but being safe and caring for them will make sense. Employees at the warehouse claimed AIDS instruction from CFO is not a solution to any current problems. Typically, that means they do not have to be concerned about the employees contracting the sickness, but ensuring that everyone participates equally and cooperatively will instill the courage to live a longer life.
The firm could utilize more room, better access, and more explicit material handling to help foster an attitude of safety in the warehouse. Technically, to avoid generating high things piles, avoid piling heavy items on top of lighter ones. By allowing employees to be serious about security and concerned about their own and the group's safety, safety cultures can be established.
Wellness Program
Exercise, weight loss, conferences, and health screening are part of a wellness program designed to help employees stay fit and healthy. There is some value in these programs, provided workforces can manage their time to participate regularly, and the administration is willing to guarantor them. However, employees these days have hectic work schedules and never-ending to-do lists. As a result, they have trouble keeping track of time. It is also a good idea to let staff take the initiative to get regular exercise on their own. Companies might allow their employees to participate in routine activities for 30 minutes before and after the workday (Aittasalo et al., 2017). There are two advantages to participating in a wellness program. Having a healthy employee is advantageous to a firm because the remuneration for health care is significantly reduced, and having a second healthy person increases a company's income.
The Biggest Challenge in Increasing Safety and Health at this Facility
The challenge for a transportation company that deals with medical supplies and equipment is to keep the workplace neat and clean while also protecting and safeguarding the products from dangers such as contamination. The company is hiring more than twice as many people as it did a year ago. Increasing the amount of safety equipment, office space, and tools may be done quickly. As a result, the process may be completed with just a budget in a single given fiscal year. However, teaching individuals to think, act, and stay healthy will be a real task (Cook, 2020). Changing a person's attitude and way of thinking is the most difficult undertaking to accomplish. People are reluctant to alter their current way of life.
Moreover, some protective gear and counsel will affect how they treat; so, they are less likely to take the new measure. The firm can barely adjust one's attitude as well as thoughts. Main challenges in enhancing safety health and safety health would be altered in workers' attitude, reasoning, and performing day-to-day jobs.
Issue of The Employee with AIDS
Employees who have diseases spread by the air or water will be a significant problem to keep healthy. On the other hand, AIDS-infected personnel will pose no problem unless they regularly engage in inappropriate sexual behavior. In this situation, the CFO wants to get rid of an AIDS-infected employee, but keeping him safe and treating him as healthy as practicable would not do any harm. The firm can encourage an individual to have a longer life by treating him like a regular person because AIDS patients who practice healthy behaviors and think positively can extend their lives. If we mistreat them, they will be reluctant to open out to others, which will bring their morale to a low point. For this reason, to deal with a patient with AIDS in a warehouse, the firm must be secured on our end. Also, if an employee is uncomfortable, they can move the patient to a more comfortable area, but avoiding him

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