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TEAM COLLABORATION ANALYSIS. Collaboration Analysis Paper (Case Study Sample)


The paper was about team collaboration analysis using the team development theory


Collaboration Analysis Paper
Student’s Name
Collaboration Analysis Paper
Team Stages and Development
According to Bruce Tuckman’s team development theory, groups mature through five phases with the first three being forming, storming, as well as norming. The last two stages include performing and adjourning (Bennett et al., 2013). During the forming phase, the team will have just been created, and its members will be getting oriented and acquainted with what it entails. As members become more familiar with the group, they enter the storming phase which is marked by misunderstandings and competition. It is during the second phase that the personalities of each member emerge (Bennett et al., 2013). Owing to such conflicts and other unproductive activities, team productivity may decrease during this stage. The third one, norming, entails resolving management and role fallouts. After resolving the conflicts and each member agreeing to take up the role assigned to them, the group enters the performing development phase. During this stage, cooperation and consensus take lead as the team has attained maturity and is well-organized and properly functioning (Bennett et al., 2013). The group now has a clear leadership structure and each member is committed to seeing the group achieve its goals. Conversely, the adjourning phase marks the point in which the team has achieved most of its goals and gears up for disbandment as it has no more significant things to do.

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