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Health, Medicine, Nursing
Case Study
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Access and Availability of Care (Case Study Sample)


As an APN, productivity will be an important measurement for the practice to determine
reimbursement and salary. Fee-for-service practices will require a set number of patients per day to
maintain productivity. A capitated practice will require the APN to have a large panel of patients but also will focus on controlling costs. This can be accomplished through effective primary care that is accessible, convenient for the patients, and has a method of measuring the quality of care.
Write a formal paper with title page, introduction, the three required elements below, conclusion, and reference page.
You are now employed as an NP in primary care.
Choose one performance measure from one of the six domains of care, i.e. AdulfGMl Assessment, Prenatal, and Postpartum care, etc.
Develop three different patient interventions for that one performance measure and how you would
specifically, implement the intervention and measure the outcomes for that particular performance measure in clinical practice.
How would these primary care interventions result in improved patient outcomes and health care cost savings?
How can these interventions result in improved NP patient ratings?


Access/ Availability of Care
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Access/ Availability of Care
Patients seek healthcare services with the hope of getting quality care while every health organization and health professionals aim at providing quality care for their patients. Besides, the quality of care should improve with time because patients’ needs continue increasing every day even with the current increase in diseases and prevention. Quality of care is assessed in many ways by measuring the outcomes of the interventions implemented. Access or availability of Care is one of the six domains of quality healthcare proposed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) to improve quality of care. Accessibility or availability of care is one of the factors that determine the outcomes of various interventions. Some of the factors that determine the accessibility of care are geographical restrictions, lack of insurance cover, and lack of knowledge in the importance of a particular intervention or cultural beliefs. The health effectiveness data and information set (HEDIS) provides quality measurements in the six domains of care (National Committee for Quality Assurance, 2020). One of the quality measurements of access or availability of care are prenatal and post-partum care where interventions like prenatal education, postnatal follow up and contact with a midwife or a gynecologist will be implemented to improve access and availability of prenatal and post-partum care.
Prenatal and postpartum care
Prenatal and postpartum care is one of the sectors in public health with some challenges in access and availability of care. This is an area of concern because National Committee for Quality Assurance (2020) found out that one million out of four million women who give birth each year in the United States face a risk of developing maternal complications which can lead to death. However, some of the complications and deaths are preventable if quality measures are implanted throughout the phases of pregnancy and post-delivery. Women undergo various hormonal, physical, and emotional changes after conception taking a toll on them. Besides, pregnancy can be complicated due to underlying medical conditions in women such as obesity or diabetes. Other challenges include urine incontinence, weight gain, fatigue, and breastfeeding challenges (Lowdermilk et al., 2017). Therefore, women need interventions like education and follow-up for medical, social, and emotional support to promote maternal care. 

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