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Case Study on Health Care Organization: Banner Healthcare (Case Study Sample)


Case study on a healthcare organization. the sample is about banner hospital.


Banner Healthcare
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Case Study on Health Care Organization: Banner Healthcare
Banner Healthcare is one of the non-profit healthcare systems in America, situated in Phoenix, Arizona. It runs twenty three hospitals together with other facilities of specialization. The organization employs 35,000 personnel and, hence, is placed among the leading employers in Arizona. Banner healthcare provides hospital care, long-term care/home care, emergency care, outpatient surgery, hospice, labs, rehab services, and pharmacies (Wolf et al, 2011). During the recent previous years, it started the operation of physician clinics’ primary care such as the Banner Medical Group as well as Banner Arizona Medical Clinic. This paper will discuss the readiness of the organization in reference to healthcare needs of the citizens in the coming decade. It also discusses their strategic plans in relation to issues of network growth, nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction.
Banner Healthcare has been actively grounded on the improvement of its services’ effectiveness and making sure that patients access medical benefits. Additionally, the system makes sure that patients access affordable services of healthcare via the modern technology. Banner Healthcare system’s entire goal is to enhance services of healthcare and guarantee quality services to patients. Evidence indicates that health care is significant in whichever society setting. It is why the faculty of Banner Healthcare has been on top in creating quality services to its society. The intention of this community organization was to be the head in services of health care. It is a healthcare organization that operates on a nonprofit basis, which for several years has created a setting that enables the trust of patients in its operations.
Banner Healthcare’s readiness in addressing the health care needs
In order to meet the citizens’ healthcare needs in the coming decade, Banner Healthcare has come up with various programs of healthcare. The programs were developed so as to make sure that individuals living in the community access quality services that improves their standards of living. It is one of the methods of ensuring that individuals live in a healthy way and can access what they want. The facility of health care has been able to improve its system of health care. It shows that it will have the capacity to tackle the patients’ needs of health care in the coming decade. Nonetheless, there are various challenges in the system of health care, and that is one of the reasons why a couple of facilities do not succeed (Harrington & Estes, 2009).
Banner Healthcare has expanded on mechanisms that consumers access facilities of healthcare. Quality healthcare is one of the solutions to problems affecting patients. It is evident that Banner will be put in the right direction in the next decade on quality healthcare matters. It has been accomplished through integration of new technology within the system of healthcare. Technology enhances quality of services provided like sharing information and getting information at various departments of healthcare (Herzlinger, 2006). It shows that Banner Healthcare is ready to tackle its citizens’ healthcare need in reference to quality services in the coming decade.
More so, the system has given information on the way of making choices on healthcare for the future years. It is thought to be among the major features that the organization will apply on handling the citizens’ healthcare needs. Banner Healthcare’s major priorities are to make sure that patients receive quality services, which have affordable rates. In addition, it will guarantee that there are portable coverage for healthcare consumers in the United States (U.S) by means of reforming and reengineering the present system of health care. It indicates that Banner Healthcare is equipped to face the challenges in the coming decade and will be able to meet its citizens’ healthcare needs (Wolf et al, 2011).
Network Growth
The industry of healthcare is increasing very fast as a result of technology development. For survival in healthcare market, Banner Healthcare must improve its service delivery mode as well as mechanisms it applies in patient care. Banner will come up with a plan, which appreciates services provided to the community through development of a healthier environment. The facility of healthcare needs to collaborate with the community as well as the current technology. It will make sure that individuals in its operations appreciate the contribution it has toward services of healthcare. There are various competitors in the industry of healthcare hence, the system of Banner healthcare ought to guarantee that it applies optimal strategies in enhancing the quality of services provided to healthcare consumers (Harrington & Estes, 2009).
 Nurse Staffing
One of the major problems in the industry of healthcare is nurse staffing (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2010). As a result of nurses’ shortage, most facilities of healthcare are not able to staff their workers in an effective way. Banner healthcare has founded a strategy on the way of ensuring that its workers are properly distributed in locations of its operations. One of the plans that Banner has is to educate nurses as well as offer job development programs. It will enable the system function with trained and qualified nurses who will deliver appropriate services of nursing healthcare to its consumers. A good nurse staffing will enable Banner Healthcare function in a proper position, thus guarantee that nurses provide quality services of health care.
 Resources Management
No organization functions properly witho...
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