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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Clinical Error Encounter Analysis Health, Medicine, Nursing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


clinical counter in nursing healthcare management has been DESCRIBED


Clinical error encounter analysisClinical study casecenter850006426200October 7, 2010 Department of Nursing1000000October 7, 2010 Department of Nursing
Clinical Error Encounter Analysis
Provides a
overview of the clinical encounter that clearly highlights the points where nominated clinical reasoning errors occur.

Clinical encounter is the crucial fact of patient-centered maintenance. But, the problems of measurements and swiftness endure to oppose any cogent resolutions and the complications knowledgeable in the supervision of clinical hazard, as glowing as the amalgamation of distinct penchants, confirm to the complication, indecision and crumbliness of our existing health‐care structure. Additionally, approximately public’s assessment the diverse creativities suggested to upstairs as possibly inconsistent. In case of Mr. P 1st clinical reasoning error is nursing care management before and after the surgical procedure. For the reason that nurses staff also commonly assess the patient by noticing lively indications and close devotees with medical line-ups. During the instant postpartum phase, there are numerous contemplations essential for a precise and comprehensive diagnosis. The nurse should make measures forward of passé. Nursing diagnosis smears to the marker when nurses allocate connotation to composed facts correctly. In this clinical reasoning the 2nd error patient and family teaching before and after the surgical procedure. Patient and family instruction benefit patients improved contribute in their care and make knowledgeable care pronouncements. Numerous different psychoanalyst’s in the hospitals teach patients and families. Teaching takings place when the patient interrelates with his or her medical doctor or the nursing staff. 

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