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Cultural Competent Care (Case Study Sample)


You are a nurse caring for a 53-year-old married Muslim woman who is 2 days postoperative for extensive abdominal surgery. She has complicated dressing changes three times daily. which require at least two staff to complete. Her husband is by her bedside, when he is not at work, and is very caring and attentive. The work schedule for tomorrow indicates that the LPN and nursing assistant on your team will be male. What are your actions to ensure culturally competent care? (Learning Objectives 2 and 5) a. What patient information is pertinent to foster culturally competent care? b. What questions should you ask yourself when caring for this patient?


Cultural Competent Care
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Cultural Competent Care: Case Study 1
Patient information
Healthcare professionals should provide culturally competent care for patients to improve health outcomes and meet the specific needs of patients. Therefore, it is essential to get patient information to plan culturally-competent care. As a healthcare provider, one should ask the values and beliefs of a patient. Patients have different values and beliefs that play a significant role in the health and healing process (Pacquiao & Purnell, 2018). Some of the beliefs are prayer, using traditional medicine to complement modern therapies as so on. The decision-making process depends on the values of the patients. Therefore, explore attitude towards treatment options and level of understanding. The nurse should also inquire patient’s preferred language if there is an option to use a second language or get an interpreter. Some patients will understand better if their native language is used due to their education level. Besides, some non-verbal communication styles differ across cultures therefore, ask the patient whether they are comfortable with a touch or eye gaze. 

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