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Easycare General Hospital (Case Study Sample)


Assignment detail: Your team of business consultants has been selected to be involved in the business analysis project at the Easycare General Hospital. Your task is to compile a complete business Requirements Document (BRD) for this project containing both functional and technical specifications based on your findings. Groups must model the requirements using both traditional and object-oriented techniques and should attempt to include other suitable tools and techniques to help contextualise existing business functions and operations to help determine the best possible solution and recommendation based on your findings. Your report must support process automation and reengineering where appropriate and include a detailed Contingency & Disaster Recovery plan (DRP) along with current and future recommendations based on your group’s findings. You may also provide feedback on an appropriate hardware deployment platform, although this is not essential. Your business requirements document should be based on any format/template that you are familiar with. Depending on your chosen modelling approach, your BRD must include either of (or all) of the following: Traditional Approach: • Process model (including a context Diagram and a set of levelled data flow diagrams up to a second level of detail) • Data Model ( up to a level of third normal form) • Complete workflow model • Outline of key functional & non-functional requirements • Recommendation Object-Orientated Approach: • Class analysis model (including only entity classes with appropriate relationships) • Use-case model • Complete workflow model • Outline of key functional & non-functional requirements • Recommendation Please note that your main report should include: 1. Provide clear problem definition 2. Justification of why you selected the methodology you did to help analyse system requirement 3. Provide a statement of any assumptions you have made in solving the case as there is inevitably limited information in the case. 4. Provide a description of the steps you followed in ‘solving’ the problem, including any appropriate diagram, maps, etc. 5. Provide the outcome (‘solution’) and any other recommendations related to it. This solution should clearly demonstrate how you used the problem solving methodology asa part of your process. Subject: manage network security cluster


Easycare General Hospital
Executive Summary
Easycare General Hospital is said to be one of the major institution in Box Hill that offers teaching in that field. That therefore means it serves the interest of many students who want to pursuing biochemistry and related field. From the analysis of the EGS, the research indicates that there are several challenges that would render the institution less effective. One of the major hiccups is the fact that the facility has not fully embraced information technology in running most of its daily activities. For that matter, the institution has been operating and achieving less due to lack of modern technology. Further research into its documentation indicates that due to the high cost of operation, the politicians are on the opinion that the facility should down size some of its operations. That is said to include closure of one of the floor that provides learning. However, downsizing the institution is not the best way of dealing with this problem since it hinders the students’ access to education while rendering some of the services provided by the employees redundant. This research paper therefore focuses on the use of information technology in finding lasting solutions to the challenges in this institution while at the same time trying to cut the cost of operation. This is not only for the welfare of this facility and the students seeking knowledge but also for the improvement of health services for the community in general.
Intended Audience
The main focus for this paper is the public. This is to make them aware of what the facility is facing and that it requires full support if it is to be viable in the coming years. Being that the institution is sometimes used as a learning institution, students are the ones who would be at a loss incase the facility closes down. The Government is therefore one of the key bodies which the message is focused on,. This is because the government has the power or rather is capable of resolving the problem that the hospital is facing. Investors are also another group of people which are a potential audience for the report. They would most definitely get attracted and may be lend a hand in rescuing Easycare General Hospital from its bondage.
Overview of the Current System of operation

The first stage of an effective healthcare management information system for Easycare would be a channel of passing information from the community to the immediate healthcare providers. The immediate healthcare providers in this case would be the doctors and the nurses in the hospital. Generally, it may be simply identified as the passing of information from the patients to the employees of Easycare General Hospital. In this first stage the hospital would be in a position of identifying the health care problems that face the community. On the same note a feedback channel from the community to the healthcare providers would enable the hospital assess its efficiency in providing health care services to the community (Tan, 2009).
The second stage of the management information system would have to be the communication channel between the healthcare providers of the Easycare General Hospital and the local level assigned the task of monitoring healthcare services. Likewise, the healthcare providers would communicate major healthcare provision changes to the community. The main reason to this is that it is from the community that the healthcare providers would require a feedback channel.
The third stage is the one that involves the local public healthcare system. At this point, the local public healthcare workers pass information on healthcare issues to the regional for solutions to be generated. The local level would act as the bridge between the healthcare providers and the information obtained from the regional level. The local level’s main function is to pass the information from the healthcare providers to the regional healthcare assessors. In the same way, it would be associated with passing information concerning healthcare from the regional level to the healthcare providers.
The regional public health system would be the fourth in managing the information system of Easycare General Hospital. This system is very important in information management of the hospital because it is through it that the government is able to know the hardships experienced in the provision of healthcare services. The regional public health system obtains healthcare information from the local healthcare representatives and passes it to the government officials that would be involved. At the same time the regional public healthcare services would be obliged in passing information on the steps taken by the government towards enhancing healthcare to the local healthcare sector. The regional healthcare system would have to be well equipped with medical specialist who would have to be competent with matters concerning healthcare provision. This sector would also be involved in financial matters since some of the problems that require government intervention are finance related.
The final stage of the management information system of the Easycare General Hospital would be the government. However, it is evident that for the hospital to pass information to the government, a systematic format would have to be adopted. Otherwise, without such an information system, then it would be difficult for the hospital to pass its problems to the government and this would result to inefficiency in the provision of healthcare services. A management information system is therefore seen to be one of the key components towards enhancing healthcare operations of the Easycare General Hospital.
Problem Statement
The question of study is the introduction of information system to help in reduction of operating cost and increasing efficiency in Easycare General Hospital. The institution is said to be at a deadlock as it tries to deal with this major problem that might lead to closure of some of the units within the facility. The main issue is that the Easycare general hospital is in the process of downsizing as a way of reducing its operation costs. However, this is not the best way of dealing with this challenge as it will also create another problem of unemployment and also low enrollment for those pursuing the provided units in medicine. The information System is the main reason that the Steer Committee at that facility see as the main area that has consumed much of the allocated money. An effective information system is one of the crucial aspects for the welfare of any organization let alone the hospitals (Beaver, 2002). Closure of some of the operating areas in this institution as indicted from the research is one of the main problem that would prompt a research such as this. The main reason why institutions such as this are made available within the community is to provide services rather than denying them. The decision of the politicians and the opinion of the Steer Committee at EGH are against the wishes of the society and therefore another solution ought to be sought. With the increasing demand for health services within the communities, the application of technology as a way of reducing operation cost and increasing the efficiency is one the best options (Ball, 2010). It is to the best of the community in Box Hill that this study focuses on suggesting the adoption of the information technology as one of the ways of dealing with the challenges in this facility. That would ensure that communication within this organization becomes fast and efficient. The internet within the institution shall be one of the ways to increase research within this facility as a way of increasing knowledge.
This study has employed the use of the existing data techniques as a way of obtaining objective information about the Easycare General Hospital. Existing data refers to that information that the institution has been recording that is relevant to the operation of this facility. Such information includes and not limited to the deliberations and opinions that the management team has for the success of this institution (Kudyba, 2010). The main reason for using this kind of approach is for the purpose of obtaining unbiased information. This is because the secondary information that is stored by the management was easily available from the institution. Secondly, this is one of the most effortless approaches since all information needed is collected from one point unlike other forms of research methodologies such as case studies. The other justification is that this approach is not only a time saving approach but also economical. It requires little financial injection for one to carry out this study bearing in mind that all the information required shall be collected from one point. The other imperative reason is the fact that the researcher was interacting with the real environment in which change was needed. That means conducting interviews within this area yields credible information that is needed to provide the services expected by the community. Another factor to consider is the fact that this is a specific institution that was facing a specific challenge that required approach that was unique to this kind of environment. Including other solutions that were foreign to this institution meant more problems. That is the main reason why approaching this institution to understand its challenges was prudent.
As it is mentioned above, Easycare General Hospital is on the verge of being closed or rather rendered useless due to inefficiency in its operations which have been caused by a number of factors. Being that the institution is a hospital, there must be a precise or rather clear and effective method like the one discussed above which would be employed in order to curb the problem. Such a measure signifies that the problem i...
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