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The Task Required An In-Depth Analysis On Health Conditions In Russia (Case Study Sample)


The Task Required An In-depth Analysis On Health Conditions In Russia


Health Study in Russia
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Some decades back, Russia was listed as one of the best country offering efficient and quality health care service to its citizens. The Soviet Union government had health as a priority, and most shares of its expenditure went to the health sector. The constitution of Russia states that every citizen has right to free care and with the intervention of voluntary health care service, health was not an issue in Russia. However, things changed after the breaking up of Soviet Union. The health conditions in Russia moved from good to worst and then to catastrophic. Russia has 144,498,215million citizens with a GDP per capita of 8,748.36 and has a life expectancy of 70.91 years as per Jan 2017 statistics. With such a population, health crisis seems to affect many and when not taken care of in time results in drastic deaths. The current health situation is alarming and needs quick intervention to rejuvenate the health status that was in Russia in early 90’s.
Cardiovascular diseases in Russia
In Europe and Russia to be precise, cardiovascular disease claims more deaths than any other disease. This was not the case back in 1980,s but due to the change in social factors, the disease claims 27% of the mortality rate. Compared to other diseases, cardiovascular disease has 57.9% followed by cancer with 15.8%. Some of the significant factors that lead to this number include a change in dietary, Alcohol and drug use, tobacco smoke, air pollution, intake of foods with high cholesterol and obesity (Nicholas et al., 2014). Adults with 80+ years are most affected, but the age bracket of 61-80 has also recorded a significant rise in the rate compared to years before 2003.
The government has launched various projects to prevent the additional increase of the disease. The government has launched various in different localities for universal screening at no cost. Also, the government has introduced Dispanserization program that offers citizens screening and preventive counseling worldwide. The government has been fully involved in enhancing the state-of-art in Russia in a bid to eradicate this menace. This is a good initiative although the government also needs to focus more on predisposing factors like air pollution and drug use.
Premature mortality
Compared to the world population, Russia reports a higher death rate than any other country and this rate has been increasing every year. The percentage by which the mortality rate is growing is alarming, and reports indicate that most of the deaths occur from preventable causes. Currently, Russia has a growth rate of 0.19% with the birth rate exceeding death rate with only 0.3%. For this reason, the Russian population seems to be constant for several years. The death rate is 13.0 deaths/1,000 population while the birth rate is 3.9/1000 population. The infant mortality rate stands at 7.4 deaths per 1000 live births as on 2014 statistics (Tomkins et al., 2007). The premature mortality is caused by a change in social factors as well as the economic crisis that hit the country after Soviet Union dissolution. Alcohol and drug abuse are the primary factors behind this health issue. Although these factors don’t directly cause the deaths, their effects such as accidents and violence attributed to the increase in premature mortality.
Although Russia has a life expectancy of 72.5 years, most Russian individuals die a 45-55 years of age. The probable causes of the deaths are excess drinking, alcohol poisoning and gastric cancer. To eradicate alcohol, the government came with a policy regulating the alcohol usage and selling. Also, the government came up with rehabilitation centers where addicts were taken to reform. This saw the drug usage levels drop from 2005 up to 2011. Due to inadequate funds, the follow up failed and most centers are not working. This was a good intervention practice but failed. The government should use more profound ways of curbing drug usage like closing depots, and unlicensed alcohol manufactures.
HIV/AIDS Prevalence
The total number of ...
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