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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Health Variations – Acute Life Threatening Conditions Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Short Answer Exam Based on a Case Study - specifically, acute life threatening conditions.


401211 Health Variations 4 – Acute Life Threatening Conditions Autumn 2020
Short Answer Exam Based on a Case Study
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Question 1: Explain the pathogenesis causing the clinical manifestations with which Poppy presents
Asthma is a complex disease that is expressed through multiple biological processes. Asthma is triggered by exposure to an irritant factor or an allergen (Rath, Raje, & Rosenwasser, 2018). This exposure causes a defensive immune response in the airway. This response is mediated by production of antibodies known as immunoglobulin E (IgE) (Hellman, Akula, Thorpe, & Fu, 2017). The release of immunoglobulin E activates the mast cells where it is bound and causes degranulation of the mast cells (Rath et al., 2018). The degranulation causes a release of chemotactic factors, which attract other immune cells such as eosinophils, neutrophils, and lymphocytes to site of the reaction causing an inflammatory reaction in the air way smooth muscles (Hellman et al., 2017). Inflammation of the airway causes narrowing of the space within the airway lumen. The chemotactic factors that are released include histamine, cysteinyl-leukotrienes, and prostaglandins D2 (Hellman et al., 2017); these have a direct effect of contracting the smooth airway muscles (Hellman et al., 2017; Rath et al., 2018).

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