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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Leadership and Management Strategies Medicine Case Study (Case Study Sample)


to come up with solutions to help deal with the problems experienced at Chamberlain hospital emergency department


Leadership and Management Strategies
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Leadership and Management Strategies
Overcrowding has become a serious problem in the Emergency Departments (ED) of many healthcare facilities across the world in the twenty-first century (Austin et al., 2020). Congestion in ED causes serious complications such as reduced patient satisfaction, long wait time, and low-quality services. At the Chamberlain Hospital, the difficulties experienced at the ED result from a lack of employee commitment and a growing number of patients seeking medical care. In addition, the leadership at the facility is not up to the standard, which makes it difficult for the staff to operate optimally. Since the ED is a major source of income for the hospital, a lot needs to be done to transform the management and leadership practices at the institution for the benefit of the hospital and the patients as well. Two interventions will be carried out to alleviate the ED problems at Chamberlain hospital, including Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) and crisis resource management training for the staff. The application of these two procedures will result in a behavioral change among the employees, reduced wait time, and a higher quality of clinical services.
Planning of the Evaluation
At the Chamberlain ED, nurses are demotivated, and they spend a lot of their time on the phone talking to their friends. In addition, the lack of structured mechanisms of changing shifts makes it difficult for patients to receive high-quality care. Due to poor leadership, a lot of patients are left unattended, leading to serious health complications and loss of competitive advantage for the hospital. Another serious problem at the facility is the slow discharge process during peak hours when nurses change shifts. This habit further aggravates the overcrowding problem at the health institution, which furthers impairs the quality of care delivered to clients.

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