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Health, Medicine, Nursing
Case Study
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Healthcare (Case Study Sample)


During a much anticipated family vacation to a well known destination resort, Mrs. Jones experienced complications from her chronic kidney stones. In the early morning hours, she was taken by ambulance (the family did not have their car and did not rent a car for the vacation) to the Emergency Department (ED) of the local hospital. After a thorough examination, a battery of tests, and the introduction of pain medication, Mrs. Jones was informed that she had a kidney stone which would not pass on its own and must be removed in order for her to be able to fly home in three days. The urologist on call fit Mrs. Jones into his schedule in order to perform lithotripsy and the insertion of a stent.
From the ED, Mrs. Jones (accompanied by her family) was taken to the Surgical Suite to await her operation. After the procedure and expected outcomes (including side effects) were explained, her family went to the surgical waiting room while Mrs. Jones was prepared and underwent surgery. From a medical perspective, the surgery was a success; however….
1. Her family was briefly notified that she was out of surgery and would be moved to the short stay unit shortly, but her family was never notified until over an hour after she was moved to short-stay.
2. Finally, the short stay unit informed her that she was able to be discharged and the arrangements would be made to get her and her family back to the resort, but….
a. It took over an hour to get the discharge paperwork arranged;
b. Arrangements were made with a local pharmacy for necessary medications, but the pharmacy closed by the time she was actually discharged;
c. A taxi was arranged, but she was never transported from the short stay department until after the taxi had arrived and left the hospital empty, so she and her family had to wait in the ED waiting room while another taxi was arranged;
3. The short stay staff was overheard complaining about having to take additional patients from the ED and Surgical Suite.


Case Study
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Mrs. Jones Case Study Analysis
From the case study, it is clear that Mrs. Jones was diagnosed and treated for chronic kidney stones, whereby the hospital requests for her short stay. However, the hospital staff informs the patient's family of her short stay an hour later after releasing her from the short stay. The hospital does not even seem concerned with explaining the reasons for their delay in passing this crucial information to Mrs. Jone’s family. In addition, the hospital short-stay staff is heard uttering indifferent complaints.
Answers to the Questions
1 Provide a minimum of five important factors related to the case [2 points].
* Both Mrs. Jones and her family knew very well that she suffered chronic kidney stones.
* The hospital that admitted Mrs. Jones seems not to value the regards of patient's. This is because the hospital informs her family about her shift for a short stay an hour late after her admission.
* There’s improper communication from the hospital.
* The hospital's management pace is relatively slow.
* The staff in the hospital are less or not dedicated when it comes to attending to their duties.
2 Thoroughly describe at least three problems/issues from the Mrs. Jones case study in a manner that shows understanding of the case [2 points].
* The hospital's short-stay staff is indifferent as complaining about their work, and patient entry for stay services portrays a lack of dedication.
* The hospital ignores the regards of the patient’s family. This is because information about Mrs. Jone’s admission to short-stay was relayed to her family an hour after her departure from the short stay. The patient's family was also not informed why the notification about the short-stay was delayed.
* The hospital management team can work responsively. For example, a taxi was forced to go empty because the hospital was not ready to receive Mrs. Jones in the short-stay. After preparations for the same, a second taxi took Mrs. Jones to the short stay location.
3 Identify which of the problems / issues from 2) above is the most important and needs immediate attention and explain why you choose this problem / issue [2 points].
From the eventualities evident in Mrs. Jone’s case study, it is clear that the hospital management is irresponsible considering the witnessed patient experiences and their way of dealing with the patient’s family. This problem of irresponsibility arising from the hospital management needs immediate attention. This is because the hospital management serves a core responsibility of providing all the pinpointed services to their clients (patients and their families) on time. The delays experienced in the process may end up causing adverse

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