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APPLE VS ANDROID PHONES. IT & Computer Science Case Study (Case Study Sample)




Android Vs Apple Phones
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Android vs. Apple Phones
The advent of the new technology has sparked off debates between Apple and what individuals would prefer. Unending debates and arguments have not critically outlined, which is the best technology between the two. When one opts to purchase a smartphone, there are two choices to make before getting one. The most prominent operating systems, also known as iOS, are Android or iOS for Apple gadgets. These two systems have unique differences that vary from one customer to another. To this far, iOS and Android have established themselves in the smartphone market with various features. In this way, each system has its advantages as well as disadvantages when compared to the other. In this analysis, I will compare the two operating systems by distinguishing their features as well as their suitability to consumers’ needs.
Most global consumers prefer android phones, for they are readily available at every piece. It is evident that the majority of the manufactured phones globally operate with the android system since most phone makers or manufacturers find it easy to use Android. For this reason, there is the capability to manufacture gadgets at every price range. The firms can quickly produce either small or big phones, depending on the taste and preference of the consumers.

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