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Synopsis of The Legal, Ethical, And Social Concepts Chapters (Case Study Sample)


it was about laws and ethics given by the author of the given book and how different laws work


Synopsis of The Legal, Ethical, And Social Concepts Chapters
In chapter one different types of laws were describes and how it came about. Authorized government groups such as state and federal laws enact some public laws (Jennings, 2018). On the other hand, private laws were developed by two individuals which are landlords and renters and they have their terms. Common laws term come as a result of England being conquered by Normans in the year 1066 for a fair rule to multiethnic and multicultural of England hence they had to find a common decision making law or process (Jennings, 2018).
While the codified law was passed by some government group where they write laws in a different form. The purpose of laws is to keep order, improve equality, honor what to be expected, encouragement good conduct, and act as the compromise substitute as believed by most people. Most of the characteristics of laws are flexible consistency and pervasiveness. In chapter two, business ethics and social responsibilities were discussed at length. Ethics are well known as the normative standards, in general, it is a rule that is accepted to conduct and govern society (Jennings, 2018).

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