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Bella’s Management Case Study Analysis Assignment (Case Study Sample)


a case study in organizational behavior


Question one
Job satisfaction to the workers is essential as it enables them to have increased productivity. That is, the workers get to treat the organization as their businesses. It has an advantage of high produce and quality service. Also, it enables the top management to have an easy time in the control of the same. Satisfied workers have been noted to be more innovative and thus produce high-quality products (Cascio, 2018). Consistency in the organization has the advantage of increased outcome as the workers are already familiarized with the running of the organizations (Hatch, 2018).
Question two
Employee engagement is vital in the organization as it lays the foundation of stable policies. To start with, the employee has the best ground experience that the policy drafters require for them to work. Also, the inclusion of the employee in the making of the decision affecting the firms makes them have a feeling of being wanted or belonging to the organization. It is essential for the employee retention and increased output (Luthans, 2018).
Question three
Job satisfaction and employee engagement can be improved through providing them with a good working environment. That is, the organization has to determine the needs of the workers and cater to them. Employees required having a clean and resourceful working environment. It can only be achieved through engaging them in the policy formulation. Also, she may opt to start promotional and appraisal for those workers who have increased experience or served the organization for long (Wilson, 2018). It is crucial in rewarding individual efforts.
Question four
Kris Jenkins made the best decision to accept the...
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