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An Analysis Of The Complexity And Importance Of A “Clean” Database (Case Study Sample)


The task was to ANALYZE a case study and answer to some of the questions related to the SUBJECT topic. This sample highlights the importance of data cleaning, team work and effective communication in an organization.


The Complexity and Importance of a “Clean” Database
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Data cleaning is the process of ensuring the correctness, consistency, and accuracy of data. Often, the data cleaning process involves identifying any error in the data and correcting the mistakes and consequently preventing them from happening again. This paper examines the complexity and importance of a “clean” database as well as one key component of teamwork. The article will stretch further to highlight concerns at Western States Hospital with regards to opportunity for improvements to its system and the importance of the PI team for the context.
Data cleaning is the process of removing corrupt, incomplete, irrelevant and inaccurate records from a database CITATION Meg15 \l 1033 (Squire, 2015). However, the process of cleansing data is complex since it involves batch processing of inaccurate and irrelevant part of information through scripting, or performed interactively with data wrangling tools. Nonetheless, a “clean” database is vital in ensuring that the information of the client is updated and verified thereby allowing the company to reach the right people on valid email addresses as well as through the right telephone numbers. Further, customer information keeps on changing, and thus a “clean” database ensures that these changes are reflected in the database CITATION Meg15 \l 1033 (Squire, 2015).
Teamwork is very vital to the organization. This is because it facilitates cohesion between the employees enabling them to collaboratively focus on the critical goals of the company CITATION Mic12 \l 1033 (West, 2012). Effective communication is one of the essential components of teamwork because it helps team leaders perform essential functions of management such as planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling and consequently enhancing the overall efficiency of the team CITATION Car121 \l 1033 (Carter, 2012). As a result, the productivity of the team improves.
Additionally, effective communication keeps the foundation of motivation within the place of work and brings members of the team together irrespective of their cultural backgrounds and ideologies CITATION Mar15 \l 1033 (Hilton, 2015). This creates understanding among team members helping the team build healthy relationships and work together. Eventually, the team can benefit from synergy.
Further, effective communication helps in building the attitude of members of the team thereby maintaining a positive work environment. As a result, this promotes mutual respect among team members beyond their day-to-day activities enabling them to develop un

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