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Effective Management by use of Analytics Writing Assignment (Case Study Sample)


The paper takes a case study of Analytics to discuss effective system management.


Effective Management by use of Analytics
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Every business that dreams of success must come up with proper strategies and score-cards for its intended achievements. In the current global setup, every single venture opportunities is faced with challenges both in the internal and external business environments. These range from the internal managerial and operation adversities to the external competitor' action and new product launch. In view of a combination of marketing, sales and operations gimmicks, this paper makes a case study Information and Decision Solutions (IDS), as employed by Procter and Gamble (P&G) company in its strategy to retain its renowned brands in the international market. The IDS, dated back to 2011, was actually meant to integrate the company's IT fraternity and to make the whole system go digital.
Q1.(a). What were the primary metrics by which IDS success or failure were measured?
The success or failure of IDS was actually measured primarily through the use of two metrics. The first one was the ability to accelerate decision-making through the provision of real time information. In this case, IDS was expected to reduce the time span spent in perusal through bulky files by enabling the retrieval of the files at the touch of the mouse button, yet still giving accurate results. The second metric was its ability to entirely change the focus of information-based decisions from the obvious concern on “what happened” to answering the question on “Why” it happened and “How” it can be approached.
(b). What are the strengths and weaknesses of using these metrics?
By using the above metrics, the analysts are able to determine the effectiveness of bringing this particular product into effect. Rather, if the provisions of the product don't seem to answer the metric questions promptly, or by a good percentage, it is at the analysts' sole discretion to abandon its implementation. Whereas the above used metrics had good concerns in validating the implementation of the IDS product, it was not elaborate as to what extent the product would be deemed appropriate answer the What, why and how questions in the second metric.
(c.) What metrics would you use to evaluate the success or failure of IDS?
To carry out a general evaluation of IDS, I would consider employing two metrics

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