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Discuss How Discipline Can Be Managed In An Organization (Case Study Sample)


i was given a case study to discuss how discipline can be managed in an organization


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Some online Amazon retailers were operating a fulfillment center at Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Some workers would track the merchandise, fill orders and process the returns. One fact is that the plaintiffs would work for a minimum of 40 hours in a week. The management of Amazon would track the number of hours using a time clock, and it would permit the "clocked out" workers to leave. The workers were often expected to oversee a screening operation that would prevent any traces of theft, and the process would take a period of ten to thirty minutes. The plaintiff decided to sue Amazon because the extra 10 or 30 minutes were not included in the payments for each employee.
Another fact here was the Portal-to Portal act which indicates that security screenings were not supposed to be compensated by employees even if it was not inclusive of some requirements of the FLSA. The plaintiff stood because the extra minutes spent on the security processes was part of the preliminary and postliminary activities that were included in the FLSA requirements.
Another fact was the issue that the employees were not employed by Amazon to perform the security checks in the system. And it was...
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