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External Communication in the Business Environment (Case Study Sample)


A case study was attached with these instructions:
Overview: For Milestone Three, you will craft the external message that will be used to address the problem you identified in the case study. To access the final project case study, “Research in Motion: Sincerely, a RIM Employee (A),” refer to the HBR coursepack link in your syllabus.
In doing so, you will specify the mediums you will use to deliver the message, explain why the mediums are important, and outline the target audience. Furthermore, you will explain how the message promotes the organization’s strategic goals.
Finally, identify potential sources of conflict that may arise as a result of your external communication. Consider the message you are communicating as well as the medium(s) used.
Prompt: Write a paper in which you discuss aspects of your external communication, as well as craft the actual message that you will use to address the problem you identified in the case study with your target audience. Note: Be sure to include the actual external message within the body of your paper, to accompany part C. below.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
III. External Communication
A. Determine the medium(s) that you will use to deliver your message and explain how you made this decision.
B. Define the target audience of your external communication. Include key factors and any cultural factors about this audience that you considered.
C. Craft the message that you will communicate externally and defend how the message promotes the organization’s strategic goals.
D. Identify potential sources of conflict that may arise as a result of your external communication. Consider the message you are communicating, as well as the medium(s) used. Use the following rubric to help you address the critical elements appropriately. Rubric
Guidelines for Submission: Your external communication should be 4 to 5 pages in length with double spacing, one-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, and adherence to the latest edition of APA formatting.


MGT 550 7-2 Milestone 3
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MGT 550 7-2 Milestone 3
Unlike internal communication, external communication performs a different role in the business environment. External communication allows an organization to share information between itself and entities outside its business environment, such as suppliers, investors, and customers. Research in Motion (RIM) company must communicate with these external entities to address its underlying issues and assure them its commitment to moving forward. This discussion will explore the mediums for external communication, define the target audience, craft the message, and point out potential conflict sources that could arise from the external communication.
An anonymous letter published in one of the newspapers exposed RIM's underlying company challenges to the general public. Communicating these challenges needs a well-planned statement to provide all the information needed and answer any looming questions. As such, a press statement is the preferred means of external communication. The statement would be delivered by newspapers and posted on the organization's social media pages and official website. A press release and a statement are used interchangeably by most business organizations. Bergstrom (2019) posits that a press statement effectively provides news outlets with facts highlighting a side of the story the author wants to present. Besides, while a press release is intended to announce new products, events, or statistical facts regarding the organization, a press statement delivers a reaction to a story, whether the firm is taking responsibility or distancing itself from the said event (Cardon, 2016). Given the aim of a press statement, choosing this medium to address the leaked anonymous letter is the most viable option.
Target Audience
As noted in the previous section, the press statement will address the general public, including customers and suppliers that support RIM's business. The letter outrageously exposed the company's uncertainties and a hostile work environment to the public, causing panic and confusion among its customers and suppliers. The general public needs to be informed on the happenings within the company, with RIM managers affirming their resilience to resolve the issues (Cardon, 2016). The customers and suppliers need to be assured of the company's changes to streamline its processes and bounce back from its inadequacies.
Customers and suppliers are part of the company's key stakeholders, and their input is critical to the company's survival. Without considering the customers and suppliers in the external communication, they can lose trust in the company and shift their loyalty to rival companies (Duffett, 2017). Key cultural factors considered within this target group are the customers' and suppliers` relationships with the company and appreciation for its products and services all this time. They choose to work with and purchase from RIM as they value its products and services. Assuring them that the company remains focused on improving these services and products is essential to maintaining their undying loyalty and relationship (Ahmed et al., 2018). On the other hand, if RIM fails to clarify the situation to the general public, it can lead to more speculation and damage the company's reputation even further. In general, people seek information to understand different situations and issues. As part of their culture, people are curious. They ask more questions and judge the situation unless an explanation is provided. Therefore, to prevent the spread of such speculations, offering the general public a press statement on the situation and highlighting the new changes will be significant in rebuilding its image.
Press Statement
"New Day, New Beginnings for Blackberry"
To: All our Customers, Suppliers, and the General Public
From: RIM Management
Cc: RIM's Shareholders
Subject: A Step to a Brighter Future
Recently, an open letter published in a news report detailed the underpinning cultural and innovation challenges that face the company and its employees. The letter further stated that lack of communication had been a major issue, leading to a hostile workplace environment. The management has considered all of the concerns detailed in the letter by an anonymous employee and recognizes its significance as a wake-up call. At the release of this press statement, we, the senior management, admit that employee wellbeing, workplace culture, and communication have been issues impacting RIM.
Moving forward, we want to assure our loyal customers, suppliers, and the general public of our determination to repair the already damaged company name. First, RIM intends to reconstruct its culture and align it towards its new vision and mission. The culture change will foster better communication between internal and external stakeholders, create a conducive working environment, and instill innovation and productivity. Secondly, the company intends to become a leading developer of better mobile applications and software tools that boost efficiency and excellent security. Through innovative strategies, RIM will offer qualified IT professionals the opportunity to work with the company to accomplish this dream. Further, RIM has partnered with other IT-related companies to manufacture wireless technologies at the center of technological advancements in the mobile industry. As a company, we have realized the potential of wireless technologies in the near future, and we wish to be at the forefront in achieving that.
Lastly, we are taking a step back and letting our customers, suppliers, and employees drive innovation. RIM has officially adopted a user-friendly approach to ensure employee and customer satisfaction are achieved. RIM is committed to ensuring that no mismanagement and miscommunication occur in the future and that it stands firm by its mission, vision, and organizational culture. As RIM moves towards this future, we once again express our gratitude for your support

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