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The Anti-CEO Playbook (Case Study Sample)


This paper was a brief critique of Hamdi ulukaya's famous ted talk about abandoning the conventional leadership methods and focusing on more tailored management frameworks.


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The Anti-CEO Playbook
The contemporary corporate environment is one of the fastest-growing elements of the business world. Top leaders always identify different ways to be effective and carve their niches in the technological world. Hamdi Ulukaya is one such CEO who captured the attention of the cooperate world by revealing his leadership methods in one of the most iconic ted talks of recent history. Born in Turkey in 1972, he settled in America and started his Yoghurt industry, Chobani. He made significant points about the overall arguments about taking accountability, responsibility and respecting the community. However, it is hard to agree with his blueprint for employee appreciation. While it’s great to be empathetic and considerate in the modern world, it is much more important to consider the business’s longevity in these unstable times.
For starters, I agree with Hamdi’s assessment and assertions about respecting the community. He argues that instead of major companies thinking about the possible tax breaks, they should consider asking the communities what they need (Hamdi 11:28). According to Hamdi, the biggest factor of a company’s success lies within the community. When a new industry is created, the most affected people are the immediate community, and when they are impacted positively, very little can go bad for the establishment. Companies need to defer to their communities to get more perspective. Hamdi’s theory is right and practical because a CEO who adopts a hands-on approach endears himself to the community much easier than those who sit in offices making decisions based on spreadsheets. Based on his analogy on investing in poor communities and immigrants, Chobani would not have picked up had he chosen a more urbanized spot. It is therefore pivotal for modern-day CEOs and corporate bigwigs to consider society in major decisions.
Hamdi also made a significant argument about responsibility and accountability. Consumers should no longer be accountable to companies and CEOS in his book, but the reverse should be true. Corporate leaders should consider themselves the first servants of their industries. This is a massively true statement, as it makes customers subscribe to a product more. According to Hamdi, when he first started Chobani, his number was the official avenue for communication with the customers, and that he received all complaints directly (14:36). Once more, this gave him some much-needed perspective about what direction to approach. His belief in immigrants also rings true to the fact that customers best respond to what impacts them.
However, I respectfully disagree with Hamdi’s employee empowerment program. He states that all of his origina

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