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Potential Legal Staffing Issues: Growing day Care Business, Advertising and Background Checks (Case Study Sample)


The case study is about legal staffing issues that could affect a small but growing day care business. Some of the issues include advertising and background checks.


Potential Legal Staffing Issues
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Potential Legal Staffing Issues
Staffing is one of the most troubling issues for starting and expanding businesses. There are different staffing models that suit particular businesses and future plans, including staffing quality and staffing quantity. Selecting the right staffing model is critical since the model determines the type of employees the business will get, their qualifications and the flexibility to promote them or move them into different departments in the organization. Policies are also a critical element of staffing since different states have different laws that govern recruitment. Staffing issues such as Advertising, Interviewing, background checks, contract writing and immigration laws are some of the problems that might affect the staffing process for the growing day care business.
Most people believe that staffing new employees for a growing or a starting business is an easy task that only involves advertising, interviewing and getting the new employees on board. However, staffing is a difficult process that can take weeks or months mainly due to legal issues and policies that govern hiring. The staffing process for new and growing businesses begin with assessing the needs of the business and creating advertisements and job descriptions that fit th

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