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Unethical Practice Case study (Case Study Sample)


it was a case study on reporting unethical practices at the workplace. I narrated a case about a teacher sexually harassing a 15-year-old kid at school and how it impacted the kid.


Professional Ethics Case Study
Case Study
A female middle-level school teacher was alleged for having sex with a 15-year-old pupil of hers at school for nine or ten times. Her name was reported as Ellarea Silva. She was 34 years old. She taught science to students at the North-western Middle School located in Zachary. Zachary is Louisiana. She turned herself into police custody after sexual allegations were found against her. An arrest report was initiated after Silva began emailing her teen student through her school mailing address several times. This communication was continuously reverted through her personal email account as she wanted to dodge school tracking system.
She was also reported to have sent the young student many of her nude photos and videos where she had intentionally hidden her face to keep confidentiality and privacy. There was a twist in the relationship when she openly asked her to have a physical relationship with her student. She asked the teen boy to have sex with her. The boy reported that Silva was desperate for sex and she would take him at her home where both used to have sex. He told the authorities that they had sex almost ten times in total at her house. The strangest fact in the story was that she did this all when her child was also present at home. She has also been accused of offering a vipe to the boy with THHC in it. THC is a chemical substance found in the ingredients of marijuana. The arrest report also mentioned that the boy confirmed that he wanted to publicize their affair, but Silva wanted it to remain secret as she worried about the consequences of it on her personal and professional career.
At the time when authorities came to know of the incident, Silva was given leave in January 2020. There was a joint investigation launched by the Sheriff’s office and ZPD in this case. However, police and the officials at school did not publicize anything about the nature and content of the investigation. A Councilman of Zachary criticized police as they kept quiet regarding the case. This reaction of the councilman came after he received an email from the principal of the school complaining about the loss of innocence of a student with respect to this case. Later, Silva was arrested after she turned herself in the custody of cops. The superintendent of the school later confirmed the happenings and defended the authorities of school and reiterated that no one at school was trying to hide facts about the case. The officer further mentioned that the school authorities were in contact with the Sheriff’s office and the ZPD and the case was reported to the law enforcement agencies. The teacher was immediately sent on administrative leave. The ZPD also said that they become aware of the facts on January 24 after reports of sexual abuse exercised on a minor. After a thorough investigation of the case, an arrest warrant was issued in the name of the school teacher. After the arrest, the police was keen to inquire any concerns of the parents of other children at school who remained in contact with Silva. Silva was held in prison against a bond of $225000 for charges of exercising indecent behaviour, oral sexual battery and felony sexual practices with a minor.
The boy was later humiliated by his schoolfellows and the neighbourhood when the whole incident was reported in the local media. Some boys posted inappropriate comments about his character, and that of the teacher on his social media accounts as well his in the bathrooms of the school. Few groups tried to bully him with that matter. The boy was made a laughing stock for a while, but months later nobody cared about the incident anymore although he was called few bad names after the event.
The whole incident had a bad impact on the physical, mental and social life of the boy. He was a minor. He knew little of what were the consequences he would be facing in the future regarding his relationship with the teacher. The boy experienced ill behaviour of the family members in the start. He was embarrassed at home for his behaviour and keeping his parents not informed about the relationship. His parents were also humiliated and embarrassed in the community after the incident was in the news. The parents were wise enough to render full support to the kid after the incident as they knew it could harm the social and psychological health of the boy. The boy was ridiculed, and his best friends started avoiding him following the developments in the case. The parents of his best friends had asked them to avoid seeing the boy after he accepted he was in a relationship with the teacher. The boy felt helpless, hopeless and extremely lonely after people started practising social distancing from him. In this hard time, the only good thing that helped him get through this was the school’s student counsellor and psychologist. The school counsellor had regular sessions with him to keep him calm and not exercise any extreme behaviour like harming himself or inflicting aggression on others. This helped the boy return to normal life.
Several statutes in the US law prohibit the use of sexual harassment by the educators on the school students. The Title IX related to educational amendments mention few avenues of relief granted to sexual abuse victims of educational institutes. This prevents all from discriminating on a sexual basis in programs of informative nature. The Title does not make any direct reference to sexual abuse or harassment. The federal agencies and the Supreme Court that this conduct can consist of this statute’s violation and educational organizations could be declared responsible if a teacher is found harassing a student or a student exerts harassment over another. Title IX is particularly enforced due to private actions inflicted against

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