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Key Issues and Nature of Problem Between Philip Condit and Boeing 777 (Case Study Sample)


This was a case study about Philip Condit and the Boeing 777. It comprised some questions that were to be answered after reading the case.


Project Management: Philip Condit and the Boeing 777 Case Study
An executive sponsor tends to be a consistent top-driver of a project, mainly through active engagement. One of the roles of an executive sponsor is making sure that the goals of a firm are aligned with the general organizational strategy. Additionally, an executive sponsor ought to gather support, overcome opposition from senior managers and communicate the objectives (Turner, 2017). Giving continuing guidelines to the project team in the course of the project's lifecycle is among the duties. This essay will evaluate various aspects from the Philip Condit and the Boeing 777 Case Study through an executive sponsor perspective.
What are the key issues surrounding this case?
The major issues surrounding the case was that the other competing aircraft business, Airbus, had great strategies of producing airplanes better than the company could. Airbus was able to meet the desire of its clients in an immensely flexible approach. The ability of Airbus made the company appear incapable. Additionally, new strategies from competitors were making the company lag behind when it came to technological advantage. There were issues with cost management. This is because as the firm attempted to implement new ideas, increased capital was required, thus increasing the chances of the organization going bankrupt.
What is the nature of the problems that exist?
The major problems seem to be competitive, technological, and strategic in nature. The company was inadequate to attain the competitive level of Airbus, the one existing rival. Boeing did not have the plan of developing a 300-seat jetliner, while in 1988, Airbus had launched two new effective models. United Airlines had objected to Condit's suggestion of modernizing 

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