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Strategic Direction of Microsoft Corporation (Case Study Sample)


The assignment was about choosing a multinational company and reviewing its strategic direction. It involved providing a backgroud information about the company, conducting a swot analysis on the company, looking at the corporation's core competencies, and its strategic intent. The strategic goal of Microsoft corporation is to empower people and businesses globally to attain more market share.


Strategic Direction – Microsoft Corporation
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Microsoft is a multinational corporation that deals in computer technology. The corporation was launched and incorporated in 1975 by Bill Gates, who dropped out of Harvard College, and Paul Allen, Gates' childhood friend. Today, Microsoft is now the largest software company globally, generating an estimated revenue of 168 billion US dollars annually (Barrantes & Leach, 2021). Microsoft's products include servers, desktop and server management tools, operating systems, phones, business solutions applications, video games, productivity applications, and software development tools. This essay examines Microsoft's strategic direction, including its current position, dynamic capabilities, strategic intent, and core competencies.
Microsoft's Current Position
The company's mission statement is to empower people and organizations on Earth to attain their full potential. Its vision statement is to assist people and organizations worldwide to attain more. The company's core values

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