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Neoanalytic, Jungian, and Individual Psychology Theory Application (Case Study Sample)


Read the “Case Study Analysis.”
Select one of the following theories that you feel best applies to treating the client in the case study:
Individual Psychology
Write a 750-1,000-word analysis of the case study using the theory you chose. Include the following in your analysis.
What concepts of the theory make it the most appropriate for the client in the case study?
Why did you choose this theory over the others?
What will be the goals of counseling and what intervention strategies are used to accomplish those goals?
Is the theory designed for short- or long-term counseling?
What will be the counselor's role with this client?
What is the client’s role in counseling?
For what population(s) is this theory most appropriate? How does this theory address the social and cultural needs of the client?
What additional information might be helpful to know about this case?
What may be a risk in using this approach?
Include at least three scholarly references in your paper.
Each response to the assignment prompts should be addressed under a separate heading in your paper. Refer to "APA Headings and Seriation," located on the Purdue Owl website for help in formatting the headings.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.


Individual Psychology Theory Application

Individual Psychology Theory Application
I believe that in the case of Ana, the ideal theory to utilize is the Individual Psychology theory which was put forward by Alfred Adler. The theory will enable a personal treatment plan to take place (Milliren, 2007). Besides, the plan of treatment will assist Ana to become a good mother towards her kids and also construct an excellent life for herself.
1 Concepts of the Theory
Utilizing this theory is going to enable Ana to get treated just as a one and the same in this relationship other than a person of low significance. The client and the therapist contribute in the direction that they should follow. The therapist is going to have the client describe or express herself so that he can find out all that she requires so as to change and at least make her existence more fulfilling and enjoyable.
There exist three factors which guide and promote Individual Psychology Counseling. The factors are crucial and ought to get incorporated into all people’s lives. The factors comprise of love, faith, and hope. When Ana’s therapist appears to be extremely convinced/confident in offering his/her services, it allows faith to happen in the client. Besides, the client realizes that they are going to receive the assistance they need to conquer the problems that they are going through. The therapist ought to as well motivate the client so that they can accept the existing and new challenges that are bothering them as it will assist the gain the lost hope and get an acceptance that they are going to succeed in case they only believe in themselves. Besides, love towards the client is the most important portion of all the services offered. Once the client knows that they are loved, then they tend to receive treatment in a better way. The therapist demonstrates this through listening and showing support to the customer and assisting them to understand their value.
2 Reasons for Choosing This Theory
I selected this theory since it engaged two assessment types which are informal and formal. Formal assessments comprise of acquiring information which assists the therapist to comprehend the lifestyle of their client by structured means. Lifestyle assessment tends to be a crucial contributor towards the therapeutic alliance. Besides, informal assessment occurs once the therapist meets with the client. Individual Psychology as well includes family constellation that is very crucial in the case of Ana and this is the major reason as to why I selected this theory. Besides, family gathering tends to look at the present client’s family, parental influences, birth order, as well as family dynamics so as to work out the most excellent way to address the client’s issues.
3 Goals of Counseling and Intervention Strategies
In the case of Ana, the main goal is to make her conscious of all things that she can perform by herself and promote an excellent life. Besides, she would get coached on the way to interact with other people, particularly the members of her family without feeling ashamed or depressed. The other Ana’s strategy and goal are to focus on her kid and learn new techniques for relieving stress. Since Ana has a son and she has lost 10 pounds, i.e. in a span of one month, she is going to get shown positive conducts to be able to deal with all sorts of stress.
4 Short-Term or Long-Term Counseling
Since the insurance for Ana can cover only eight sessions, then it would get considered as short-term counseling and with so much hope of the long-term solutions. I would propose having a single session per week, i.e. first two weeks. Then she should spread out the session and this will enable her to receive so much help out of her sessions possible. Also, I would give several homework assignments so that they would ensure that I am informed of everything that is happening with her while she is not in the therapy.
5 Counselor’s Role
The role of the counselor is to develop cautious recommendations that are fit for the individuality of the child, parent, and setting. The therapist ought to offer sound advice as well as attempt to assist Anna with each and every one of her problems, beginning with the extremely troublesome ones.
6 Client’s Role
The role of the client in the process of counseling is to accept all their faults by being open and honest with their counselor. They also ought to adhere to the policies and rules of establishment where they are in quest of assistance, and accept to change (Manthei, 2007.

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