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Sports Psychology on "How to Build team Unity" (Case Study Sample)


teamwork is the building block of society. Without teamwork, the world would be nothing. We all need each other in everything we do be it in our personal life or in our careers. The bible itself promotes us to do so and urges us to be peaceful with each other and help each other. Therefore for teamwork to be fostered in society we need to live cohesively with one another. Any institution that is viable is as a result of teamwork. Therefore we should be in teamwork as it is the only way we can prosper.


Sports Psychology on "how to build team unity."
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One can hear that it is better to improve teamwork, but some people are struggling because teamwork is not good. In some companies, poor teamwork has had an impact on poor performance. Teamwork is important as long as one can work in an organization. This research paper gives an overview of teamwork and also includes five ways to improve it. In addition, summary of the points regarding the selection of team members, so if one is having trouble with teamwork, please read it. In the paper a discussion of the teamwork, its importance and application in real life would be discussed. More so, Biblical allusion would be evaluated in the paper.
Teamwork is the ability of team members to work together to accomplish something. Teamwork is the process of team members working together to achieve something. Many companies value teamwork, but even if they try to improve teamwork, there are cases where it is difficult to bear fruit. When this happens, team members are less motivated to work, and communication between members is not right, which can hurt work and personal life. It is essential to improve teamwork, as it can result in poor performance. Teams and groups are similar but have different implications. A team is a group of people who have a common purpose. A group of people who have a common goal, such as "a group of people who want to make an event successful" and "a group of people who want to make a new business successful," is a team. (Vestal 2019)
A group, on the other hand, is just entails people in a given area and in a certain time. For groups, it does not matter if there is a common goal among the members. A group of people who say, "It looks fun somehow" or "I do not know what it is, but I participated for the time being" is called a group (Vestal 2019).In this way, the name changes depending on the activity policy of the group. Keep in mind that it is called a "team" when you act by putting it into concrete action or moving with a common understanding. The paper will scrutinize the importance of having a team work. Also, how to improve teamwork. More so, how to implement the team work and ensure it works well in a group. Further, the biblical example of team work. The possible area of research and the daily or career application.
Why it is essential to improve teamwork
There are many benefits to improving teamwork. Here are three benefits of improved teamwork.
Increases motivation of team members
Improving teamwork will motivate members to work. Even if one does not want to work, good teamwork may encourage other employees to get the job done. Increasing the motivation of members will also improve the motivation of the entire team. Keep in mind that skill and motivation are a factor that determines the performance of a team's work.
Increase productivity
The better the teamwork, the more productive the work will be. This is because each member has different strengths and weaknesses. (Beauchamp et al.2017) For example, in the case of SE, "Mr. A is good at programming with software, but Mr. B is not good at programming with software." It may be important to overcome the items that are not good at, but if one leaves the work to one person, the work may not be completed. In that case, the work of the team may stop.In such a case, if we can establish a relationship that can compensate for each other's shortcomings, we will be less likely to stumble for a long time in places where we are not good at, which will improve work efficiency and improve work productivity. It is essential to improve teamwork to create a spirit of mutual help among members and establish a system to follow people in need.
Deepen relationships among team members
Improving teamwork is essential for deepening relationships between members. The deeper the relationship, the easier it is for members to express their opinions If we can exchange opinions with each other, we will have more opportunities to talk in earnest, leading to improvement of the team's constitution. With many opinions such as "It is better to change XX for the team" and "Should we do more XX?”. (Beauchamp et al. 2017)The team will move in a better direction than it is now. For a team that has been doing things in a closed environment, it may be an opportunity for the team to be reborn.
How to Improve Teamwork?
Now let us see how to improve teamwork.
Create a mechanism to support each other within the team
Let us create a mechanism where team members can support each other. Then, the members may open their hearts to each other, and work as a team may become smoother. Even if one has a problem with the work, one can feel free to consult about the work if one has a support system in place. When providing support, each other needs to come close to each other. Never support at the pace; always think about the other person when one supports. It is essential to support while thinking about talking and getting the other person to accept you.
Building relationships that members can rely on
It is also essential to build a reliable environment where one can't rely on others, one may be overwhelmed and mentally cornered. (Green et al. 2017). It is also important to provide members with an environment where they can tolerate failure. In an environment where failure is unacceptable, it can be difficult to work, and one may have a mental illness. No one never fails at work, and everyone experiences it for growth. Therefore, even if one makes a mistake, it is vital to have an environment that one can overlook. This kind of consideration leads to creating a reliable situation. Keep in mind that creating a dependable situation will make the team more comfortable and reduce turnover.
Create a mechanism for members to learn from each other
It is also good to create a mechanism for members to learn. For example, how about setting up a weekly study session within the team? If one is an accounting team study session, one may want to study tax law, and if one is in a sales position, one may want to study sales role-playing and psychology. If we learn together, the experience will become a common topic among the members, and business communication may be facilitated. In addition, let us utilize the "mechanism" when holding a study session. Once one has created a system for study sessions, it is easy because one only has to hold it according to the system. For example, if one decides on a rule such as "come to the office 30 minutes early every Monday and perform role-playing", (Conde et al. 2018) somebody does not need to adjust the members' schedule each time. Some people who want to study to improve their skills say that studying with someone is more motivating than studying alone. Therefore, holding study sessions can have a positive impact on team members. Let us utilize the power of the place to create an environment where members can study efficiently and create a mechanism that will lead to skill improvement.
Establish a place to share the opinions of members
It is difficult for members to express their opinions in a formal atmosphere, and it is challenging to improve teamwork. (Tang et al. 2019) Therefore, it is useful to provide a place where opinions can be shared. For example, how about holding a lunch party? Some people say, "It is hard to say at work, but it is easy to say that it is a rough atmosphere like lunch." Even so, if the members' opinions are not shared, it is a good idea to create a mechanism that allows one to speak anonymously. It will be easier for members to express their opinions if they write their opinions on paper or provide a place where they can speak online.
Respect all opinions
No matter what opinion one has, first of all, respect the other person. Different people have different ideas, but if they are denied an opinion that is different from their own, the denied side may think, "Let us not repeat an opinion." In such a situation, members may leave. To prevent this, it is important to accept the opinion once, even if one thinks differently from yourself. By listening to the members, one can tell other members that they are willing to accept them. This will improve the relationships within the team and improve teamwork. If one has to reject the other party's opinion, the other party will say, "It is OO. But this time its XX, so think it is better, but what does one think?" Accept what one says and offer alternatives. (Tang et al. 2019)If one still does not agree, try another perspective. The points to be convinced differ depending on the opponent, so it is vital to know the team members regularly.
To improve teamwork, it is also important to select team members
The selection of team members is also involved in improving teamwork. If a mistake is made in choosing members, one may not move toward a common goal within the team. So, finally, one would like to introduce three tips for selecting people.
Including members with various values
It is important to include members with different values ​​in order to incorporate opinions from all perspectives. This is because if members with different values ​​come together, various opinions will be announced, leading to discoveries. (Ghaferi et al 2017) For example, if one includes people who have worked ...

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