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Case Study
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Understanding the Behavioral Plan (Case Study Sample)


It was a case study about Behavioral Plan


Behavioral Plan
Behavioral Plan
Case Study
Jayden is an eight-year-old child and a Grade 2 student who lives in Seattle with both his parents. He is the only child of his parents who has both completed their post-graduate education. This family has a background of mental health issues, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and academic excellence. Jayden is a compassionate and brilliant child who displays a major likelihood to be the best academically. During his leisure period, he loves playing with his friends and partaking in activities like roller-skating, swimming, and running. Jayden delights in taking part in societal events and is regularly called to attend birthday celebrations and playdates. It is worth mentioning that he knows a limited number of pre-primer words, cannot print his surname and does not recognize his home address or phone number.
Even though Jayden relates perfectly with children his age, it was noticed by his parents that other people could influence him. They also stated that he becomes upset when he fails to get recognition or senses that he is being snubbed. Jayden’s teacher recorded that he behaves publicly immature at times and that he regularly reveals behavior that is attention-seeking. Jayden stated that he had difficulty with staying put in class or focusing. He knows that he can hyper-focus on activities that interest him and has issues with maintaining attention while in school. His teacher and parents point out that he is restless and frequently needs recaps to help him remain on task. They stated that he also has problems with following and listening to instructions.
Jayden’s teacher reported that he impulsively utters answers and disturbs the other students within the classroom. When asked, Jayden realized that his blurting answers and interrupting fellow students is a habit that he cannot stop even if he tries. Jayden has always had issues with falling asleep, and at times he would wake up at midnight and has difficulty sleeping again. His mother stated that he had problems with adhering to routines and recalling instructions. Both his parents reported that he demonstrated argumentative behaviors and emotional responses both at school and at home. He merely becomes frustrated, emotionally spontaneous, and has had numerous occurrences of the wrong action, hitting, and crying outbursts.
Target Behavior of Interest
These behaviors are inattentiveness, lack of sleep, and impulsive behavior.
Behavior operationalization and Measure its Occurrence
Jayden's behavior is recognized as an element of a set of interrelated issues connected to attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder; all of them are based on the deficits in the executive function. Executive function is the set of cognitive skills that regulate high-order thinking skills such as multitasking, time management, organization and planning, problem-solving and reasoning, and behavioral inhibition. The occurrence of his target behaviors can be measured through monitoring the re-occurrences of these behaviors. Monthly revision of the information obtained may require changes to be made to the set behavior plan if need be.
Circumstances under which the behavior typically occurs
Jayden’s inattention is because he has shorter attention spans and cannot stick with an activity for very long. The attention is also dependent on the interest level towards particular activities or subjects. Jayden's lack of sleep is because, as a child with ADHD, he has anxiety issues. These anxiety feelings often happen at night because he lacks distracting activities causing him to have problems staying asleep. The impulsive behavior Jayden portrays is because of him blurting out answers in class, arguing with his parents, and emotionally responding to situations.

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