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Cross Cultural Social Sciences Case Study Research (Case Study Sample)


Cross-cultural negotiations


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Cross-Cultural Negotiation
The final film offer follows the 1984 negotiations between the UAW and General Motors in Canada. Final Offer details the negotiations for a collective agreement between the United Auto Worker (UAW) and the General motors. It has realistic details of the procedures of collective bargaining, which includes the pursuit of balancing conflicting interests as well as the intensity, desperation, and tactical strategies for attaining negotiation goals. The film is characterized by the use of sharp words as the negotiators address and argue about pertinent issues.
Bob White, who is the president of the UAW, gets in a bitter exchange at a strike battle at General Motors. White applies the process of arriving at labor agreements and conducting collective bargaining on labor issues. The film, therefore, presents real-life examples of labor relations exercise. It reveals the complexity of handling negotiations. To sail through the process, White and his team formulate strategies that help in passing messages and gaining union members' support. The union pressures him; he leads to cater to their demands. He applies different strategies for different scenarios and in providing counter-offers. At its introduction, the film explores issues of conflicts in labor management. The areas of focus in this stage are the inherent conflicts in the workplace and the attitudes associated with workers towards negotiations. However, the rest of the film focusses on White, who is the lead negotiator of UAW in the meeting with the organization’s staff, bargaining committee, press, and Rob Andrew and Gm'S negotiator. The module of the film makes me feel like I am a participant in the film.

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