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Role of Advertising and Marketing in Promoting Sales for Banks DIH Ltd. (Case Study Sample)


THIs was a product report of Banks DIH Ltd Guyana and products of that company. The paper focused on the role of advertising and marketing communication in promoting sales for the company. it also looked at the Current trends in advertising and promotion, including the impact of ICT and the internet. further, the paper also highlighted The benefits of relationship marketing to organisations.


Table of Contents

TOC  1

Task 1  2

1.1 Consumer behaviour background at Banks DIH   2

1.2 Role of advertising and promotion  3

1.2.1 Communication processes and regulations  3

1.2.2 Role of Advertising and its Impact on Consumer Behaviour 4 

1.2.3 Current Trends in Beverage and Food Industry  4

1.2.4 Banks Relationship Marketing 

Task 2: Banks DIH Promotional Plan  7 

2.1Situation  7

2.2Objectives   7

2.3Audience  8

2.4Marketing Strategy  8

2.5Influencing Buyer Behaviour 8

2.6Evaluation  9

2.7Ethics Issues in Marketing   10

Task 3: A Comparison of Banks’ Below the Line and Above the Line Marketing Techniques 10

References  12

Figure 1: Annual Luncheon for Senior Citizens  6
Figure 1: The newest Banks cookies and snacks  8
Table 1: Banks Marketing Mix  6
Task 1
Consumer behaviour background at Banks DIH
Banks DIH Limited Guyana is a public limited company with more than 14,000 shareholders (BanksDIH, 2021). The company deals with the production of beverages such as beer, soft drinks, food products, and restaurant operations (BanksDIH, 2020a). Banks has fine-tuned its marketing strategy to cover both local and international market needs to shape consumer behaviour. It uses several channels of communications that are centred on the organisation’s goal, customer expectation in terms of product quality, and the prevailing marketing environment (Tomse and Snoj, 2014), as psychological and environmental variables to influence customers. Marketing communication strategy is a mantra for the success of Banks DIH. Marketing communication not only enables Banks to inform customers about the various products available but also helps the company to build a favourable global brand image in the eyes of its multicultural customers (Tomse and Snoj, 2014).
Role of advertising and promotion
Banks DIH has a tested and well-established advertising and marketing protocol that is centred on the Company’s motto “The Winning Team” (BanksDIH, 2020a: 3). Banks DIH’s marketing communication has enabled the company to record continuous growth despite the overwhelming challenges, including the rapid change in technology and the recent Covid-19 pandemic (Tomse and Snoj, 2014). It is a strategy that has allowed the company to create brand awareness on a global scale. Banks DIH’s marketing communication is designed to influence the customers’ buying behaviour by creating a highly contemporary and engaging character of the company’s brand. Some of Banks’ most successful products include Banks beer, Coca Cola, Demico, XM Rums, and Guinness (BanksDIH, 2021). While exploring the growth opportunities, the company is also planning on expanding the market for its products, including its sub-brands such as water products and ice cream (BanksDIH, 2021).
Communication processes and regulations
Banks DIH complies with the unfair trading regulations (UTR) that prohibit traders from engaging in aggressive promotional or sales tactics like misleading buyers with false information (Daskalova, 2018). One advantage of Banks DIH is the company’s long brand reputation that runs for over half a century. It means that the company has loyal customers who understand its history and practices and can vouch for the firm’s commitment to excellence and quality. Moreover, through its marketing communication strategy, Banks DIH provides relevant and clear information about its products (Schebesta, Verdonk, Purnhagen & Keirsbilck, 2018). The most critical information that buyers are interested in is the taste, product quality, ingredients, preservatives, clean labelling, and the number of additives (Daskalova, 2018). With such information, customers can make a decision and buy the products based on their preferences.
Role of Advertising and its Impact on Consumer Behaviour
Advertising is a powerful marketing and promotional tool that enables Banks to create brand awareness and influences a customer’s behaviour (Siji, 2015). Internet, Television, social media like Facebook and YouTube can reach millions of people and influence their attitude, behaviour, and even lifestyle (Ebrahim, 2019). Accordingly, Banks DIH is tapping on the modern channels of advertising like social media to target and influence as many customers as possible (Sakshi, 2017). In today’s competitive market, adverts must be appealing, contain relevant information, and fashioned in a manner that attracts the customers’ attention. Otherwise, a weak advert, whether on social media or television can never have any influence on customer’s buying behaviour (Siji, 2015). Accordingly, Banks DIH has been consistent on its advertising protocols and that has created both brand awareness and image for the company.
Current Trends in Beverage and Food Industry
The competition in the food and beverage industry is based on a company’s ability to develop and implement innovative marketing using new advertising techniques such as the internet and social media campaigns to attract new customers (Ebrahim, 2019). In line with the competition, Banks DIH has shifted its advertising and brand promotion from traditional media to modern platforms such as social media to gain a competitive advantage and attract new customers as well. The company isI also engaged in other below the line campaigns such as sporting events to create brand awareness countrywide. For instance, in June 2020, the company undertook a Sprite Giveaway Promotion as an act of benevolence to its customers during the Covid-19 pandemic (Guyana Post, 2020). The massive giveaway initiative is part of Banks DIH’s national wide promotion. The company gave away more than 100 bicycles to customers in Georgetown, Linden, and Bartica (Guyana Post, 2020). While the giveaway promotion can be seen as a way of giving back to the community, it is also a marketing strategy to boost the sale of Sprite across the country. In other words, the effect use of traditional media such as posters, brochures, and newspaper is diminishing as companies such as Banks embraces modern advertising strategies that incorporates consumer-centred marketing and promotion mixes. that are consumer-centred.
Banks Relationship Marketing
Banks DIH has established developed an integrated management system policy 

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