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Cross-cultural Management, Human Resource Management, and Leadership (Case Study Sample)


This case study draws insights into cross-cultural management, human resource management, leadership as well as factors within the native country that affect the operation of a business. 


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Cross-Cultural Management
The case study is an ocean of cross-cultural management, human resource management, leadership as well as factors within the native country that affect the operation of a business. From the script, three issues were identified, and these were leadership, organizational culture, and ethics, and CRS issues. To point out the different issues that emerged from these three areas, several theories, perspectives, and subsequent discussions were utilized, and it is, therefore, critical to explore this process, avail the sources used, and reflect on the experiences encountered while accomplishing the task.
Leadership of HG
An organization is often defined on a larger scale by the type of leadership it has. As a result, successful and effective leadership in many cases guarantee success and the attainment of goal and objectives within an organization. According to the process leadership theory, servant leadership entails a form of authority that focuses on the anxieties and needs of the followers and the employees. This is a leader who takes a keen interest in their desires, and focuses on the lowly, the have-nots within an organization, and helps elevate them as equals (Khan, Nawaz & Khan, 2016 p.2). 

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